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The International Institute for Analytics


I have not really introduced the International Institute for Analytics on the blog yet and, as I am a Faculty member, I thought I should rectify that.

The International Institute for Analytics is dedicated to the advancement of analytics in everyday business practices and aims to bring together the world’s leading analytics practitioners and researchers to provide unique insight, the most current research and industry best practices. There’s a great faculty including Tom Davenport and John Elder (both of whom I have blogged about repeatedly – Tom here and John here) as well as many other experts from SAS, Teradata, Accenture and more.

The Institute is producing member-only research and I have written a couple of briefs on The Role of Decision Services in an Enterprise Architecture and on Critical issues in applying analytics at production scale with more to come. In addition I blog on the site (as does Tom) and IIA sponsors/runs various events – I am going to participate in several such as the upcoming office hours call on 2011 predictions and the Evanta CIO Leadership event in San Francisco.

The basic services of IIA are described here and include Individual Membership and Enterprise Membership for analytic teams. I am excited about being part of IIA and look for more posts as things develop.

Hope some of you join and I look forward to working with members on some interesting projects.


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