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operational effectiveness

I recently wrote a white paper – Driving Operational Excellence with Business Analytics – sponsored by IBM. Organizations can maximize the value of analytics by moving beyond a focus on customers to drive excellence in operations. Critical Challenges in Operational Excellence Analytics and the Path to Operational Excellence Operational Success with Business Analytics Next Steps and [...]

I am giving a webinar at 10:00am Pacific on January 30 with Inkiru on Engagement, Loyalty, Costs and Growth – Driving retail success with predictive analytics and decision management Retailers see tremendous value in business intelligence and real-time analytics as a way to make sense of the vast amount of data they collect. The challenge is [...]

There was an interesting little article on the Institute of Financial Operations site last week – In relentless pursuit of productivity: Index tracks traits of best-in-breed AP operations. This reported on some results from the Accounts Payable Productivity Index study. What struck me about this was the role of automated decision-making (using business rules) among [...]

I am speaking on “Driving Better Business Results with Decision Management Systems” on October 26th at 11:30am at IBM’s Information on Demand event. Decision Management Systems are an exciting class of information systems. They help organizations manage risk, reduce fraud and maximize the value of every customer interaction. Decision Management Systems enhance existing business processes [...]

Sometimes people talk about the value of data mining or predictive analytic modeling coming from “aha moments”, where the analytics deliver some piece of dramatic insight that enables a company to see some fantastic new market opportunity or fundamentally change the way it does something. This is only a small part of the story. The [...]

Analytics can transform your business. I shared with you how to transform customer retention and marketing with analytics. This time I’d like to share with you how to use the power of analytics and Decision Management to allocate constrained resources and to give you a competitive edge. How to maximize resource effectiveness with analytics Organizations [...]

The recording of “Increasing BPM agility and effectiveness with Decision Management” is now available and you can access it by here (registration required). This webinar showed how combining BPM with Decision Management results in simpler, more agile processes and increases straight through processing and operational effectiveness. If this topic interests you then you might also [...]

On May 5th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern I am giving a free webinar on “Increasing BPM agility and effectiveness with Decision Management”. Combining BPM with Decision Management results in simpler, more agile processes and increases straight through processing and operational effectiveness. Decision Management delivers a shared  framework for cross-functional business and IT collaboration creating game-changing [...]