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I was presenting this week to a company that asked what trends I saw in business rules. I had my ow thoughts but I also reached out to some other experience business rules implementers. Here’s what we came up with: A broader context for business rules Business rules are increasingly adopted as part of a [...]

My friend Carsten Ziegler, with Thomas Albrecht, has just released a new book on business rules for SAP customers – BRFplus — Business Rule Management for ABAP Applications. I was delighted to provide a foreword to this book as I think BRFplus is a terrific tool for SAP customers, giving them the power of business [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Last week Carole-Ann posted on 2 MegaTrends at Business Rules Forum 2010. I normally agree with a lot of what she has to say but this time I am going to have to take exception to one of her points. Her second mega trend is that innovation has dried up in the [...]

Mark Hornick of Oracle’s Data Mining Technologies Group presented on the use of the Oracle Data Mining technology to drive recommendations at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW). The challenge in a show like Oracle OpenWorld is that there are thousands of sessions and attendees need help finding the sessions that will match their interests. Three groups were [...]

Subtitled “from 0 to 1400”, this case study discussed how Unum (an insurance company) introduced business rules. Back in 2009 their rules were scattered, siloed, hidden in requirements documents and in different formats (from code to if/then statements to long verbose notes). And even though they tried to focus on rules, they were often embedded [...]

Our first webinar of 2010 is Ron Ross on Decisioning with Business Rules for 2010 and Beyond How can you achieve an order-of-magnitude improvement in your current way of supporting business processes? Learn how other companies have done it – deliberately and with no silver bullets. In this thoughtful discussion, Ron reviews what leading companies [...]

The sixth webinar in the series. Decisioning rules can come by the hundreds or thousands.  These rules often involve large number of criteria. How do you capture that many business rules with so many variations without going crazy?  This presentation outlines a pragmatic approach based on developing business questions to create complex decision tables.  These [...]

[amazonify]0471412937:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0471412937::text::::Business Rules Applied: Building Better Systems Using the Business Rules Approach by Barbara von Halle[/amazonify] This book is one of the classics on developing information systems with a business rules approach. Not only does the book give a good overview of the key concepts in business rules, it also lays out the core tasks and [...]

[amazonify]0470027215:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0470027215::text::::Business Rules Management and Service-Oriented Architecture by Ian Graeme[/amazonify] This is a fairly technical look at business rules, the technology of a business rules management system and patterns of using them. The book gives a fairly quick overview of SOA and then introduces business rules, both as an approach and as a class of technology. [...]

New Wisdom was founded in 2006 (as a spinoff of Lambert Consultants) to develop software for managing business source rules. The product, RuleGuideTM, is designed to capture metadata about the rules and to support discovery and analysis of rules in projects adopting a business rules management system (BRMS). They see this as about 65% of [...]

Terry Adams of Ingersoll Rand, the parent company of Trane, presented on harnessing and coordinating warranty best practices. IR includes Trance, Thermo King, Schlage, Steelcraft and others for about $17B worldwide. All these acquisitions have experience and systems so Ingersoll Rand has a vision of a Business Operating System to drive common tools and methodology [...]

Introducing SOA Design Patterns

Thomas was back on talking about the catalog of 85 SOA Design Patterns that he is publishing this year – SOA Design Patterns. Design patterns are a field-testing or proven design solution to a common design problem. Some are compound, most are atomic. These SOA Patterns overcome common design challenges for the successful adoption of [...]

IBM, SOA and Business Rules

Well it seems that IBM believes in business rules too. I was reading SOMA: A method for developing service-oriented solutions which I found thanks to Eric Roch’s post on IBM’s SOA Methodology anda couple of things struck me: Business rules get called out explicitly both in the meta model Eric shows and in the overall [...]

Are programmers the problem?

There was more discussion in the blogosphere about the James McGovern COBOL is Evil post – COBOL is not evil, but COBOL programmers are. Now I already posted a response to James’ post (Why don’t you replace COBOL with something useful – not Java) but this new post made me think. I should say that [...]

Next up was a session from some folks at ASG talking about business metadata. They started by discussing the metadata audience and how it is changing as the syntactic and semantic richness of metadata increases. Initially there was a focus on consistent definitions for, say, COBOL copy books. Gradually expanded out to DBAs, Data Architects [...]

Next up was Jerome Boyer presenting the Agile Business Rules Development Methodology, an approach ILOG makes available based on agile methodologies. The methodology has four tracks – Business Process, Data, Business Rules and Architecture. The balance between them varies and all four are built in iterations. ILOG has developed a methodology based on the Rational [...]

[amazonify]0471470643:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0471470643::text::::Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management[/amazonify] This is one of the classic works on data mining and well worth the read.I really liked the book both because it is well written and because, although it drilled into a fair amount of detail about some of the techniques, it started each new [...]