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Webinar: Capture your complex business rules by asking pragmatic questions


The sixth webinar in the series. Decisioning rules can come by the hundreds or thousands.  These rules often involve large number of criteria. How do you capture that many business rules with so many variations without going crazy?  This presentation outlines a pragmatic approach based on developing business questions to create complex decision tables.  These same questions can be reused to design interactive web-based applications, ensuring that business rules captured during the analysis phase are ultimately enforced.  This approach can also be used to jump-start design activities. This presentation will:

  • Discuss how to assess complex business activity to identify decisions
  • Show how to ask questions to identify each criteria for a complex set of rules
  • Illustrate how a decision is table is evolved based on each criteria
  • Demonstrate how to change these rules

Gladys S.W. Lam is Principal of Business Rule Solutions (BRSolutions.com), the most recognized company world-wide in business rules, decisioning, and related methodology, publications, consulting services and training.  She is the co-creator of the ProteusR, the BRS methodology for business analysis, decisioning and business rules, which is used by companies world-wide. Ms. Lam actively leads business rules and decisioning projects of all sizes across a variety of industries.

Registration here.

More coming over the following weeks – I will post them on the blog gradually but you can get the list of registration page for the series.