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FICO Analytic Modeler is FICO’s in-browser analytic tool suite – the evolution of the Model Builder product line post the InfoCentricity acquisition. These offerings are part of the FICO Analytic Cloud, a cloud-based environment for building and managing analytic models and deploying analytics into decisioning applications.  It also features a marketplace for analytic solutions. The [...]

FICO has recently acquired InfoCentricity, makers of two advanced analytics products – Xeno (for building predictive scorecards, reviewed here) and StrategyTrees (decision trees). InfoCentricity has about 40 clients (some with over 100 modelers, some smaller). Most of these companies are also FICO clients though not generally for analytic modeling tools. Clients use the tools in [...]

I got an update from InfoCentricity recently. InfoCentricity are a software company focused on delivering a web-based, advanced predictive analytics workbench (Xeno). They were founded back in 2000 have been releasing various components of their Xeno platform since then as well as a first application based on this platform (Campaign Analyzer). Xeno4 is the new [...]

This week’s event calendar is below. The intent of this weekly post is to focus on web events coming in the next few weeks and conferences in the coming months. If you know about web or physical events around business rules, analytics, optimization or decision management, please let me know – james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Web Events: Infocentricity [...]

I have decided to start running a post at the end of the week highlighting relevant web events for the following week. If you work at a vendor and want to tell me about yours, please send me an email at james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Likewise if you hear of something you think other readers of the blog [...]

From Scores to Strategies

The use of analytics in business decisions, presented by one of InfoCentricity’s customers, was next. In many organizations modelers are busy building predictive models that they then throw over the wall to a business analyst. To bridge this gap you need a collaboration platform that allows modelers to do their thing while allowing business analysts [...]

Putting Analytics to Work

Here’s my presentation from the InfoCentricity User Exchange. Enjoy. Putting Analytics To Work View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: predictive analyticsanalyticedmente…)

Sue Gonella presented on some efficiencies in building predictive scorecards. In particular she covered the   use of sampling data vs using all records into a model development exercise. Rather than using all records she advocated using stratified random sampling where a sample of each group of interest is used to build and validate the [...]

Delivering the best value proposition using segmentation is a multi-step journey with 6 main steps and some critical differences from other analytic approaches: Define Segmentation Objectives The first step – deciding why to build a segmentation scheme – is important but often overlooked. Reasons may include declining financial performance, changes in strategy or market trends [...]

Nina Shikaloff discussed an analytics technique that I had not heard of – Impact Modeling. Impact Modeling is a decision modeling technique. Decisions on acquiring customers – what to offer for instance – managing customers and handling difficult customers are all important and it can be tricky to identify better ones. Impact modeling is about [...]

Today and tomorrow I am attending the 4th annual InfoCentricity User Exchange. I got an overview of their Xeno product some time ago (blogged here) and I am looking forward to learning more about what their customers do with the product. All the attendees have our book too so that should be fun. First up [...]

We have a number of speaking engagements in the next few months and I thought I would highlight them on the blog today. Arranged in date order… August 6th, 10am Pacific Time, “How to leverage scorecards for accurate risk management” Webinar, multiple speakers including James, sponsored by ILOG August 19th, 8:30am Pacific Time, Reinventing BI [...]

One of the things I like to do on the blog is bring attention to those companies applying the principles of Enterprise Decision Management to deliver useful, smart enough systems. I recently came across Strategy DirectorTM from Stratagem Portfolio Services. This uses EDM to deliver analytics and strategy support for collections. The product is built [...]

I recently got an overview of InfoCentricity and their analytic product, Xeno. InfoCentricity is an analytic solutions company focused on helping customers find the insights buried in their data. They see a gap between BI-like analytic tools and data mining/analytic tools like SAS or S where you need to be a programmer. Their objective is [...]