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First Look – Strategy Director


One of the things I like to do on the blog is bring attention to those companies applying the principles of Enterprise Decision Management to deliver useful, smart enough systems. I recently came across Strategy DirectorTM from Stratagem Portfolio Services. This uses EDM to deliver analytics and strategy support for collections.

The product is built on the InfoCentricity Xeno ® platform (about which I blogged here) and delivered as service SaaS-style. Both predictive and decision analytics are being developed and deployed using the hosted  Xeno ® platform. Companies upload information and get collection treatments and/or liquidation scores in return.

This is a classic decision service in that it combines business rules, predictive analytics and adaptive control to identify the actions to take and then simply returns those actions for easy integration with things like IVR and auto-dialers. It does not replace the systems being used by the collections group, it just makes them smarter by identifying those account most likely to pay vs. those that mostly contribute to high operational costs. I particularly like the fact the it works cross-channel and considers both channel preference and channel effectiveness when recommending a channel. This use of SaaS to deliver decisions is a fascinating one and I think we will see more and more of it over time.


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