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As previewed yesterday, ILOG (now an IBM company) is releasing the 7.0 products of their business rule management system (BRMS) family. These mark a big step forward for the ILOG product range. ILOG BRMS 7.0 has the standard BRMS components – an Eclipse-based development environment (Rule Studio), a web-based collaboration environment for non-technical users (Rule [...]

ILOG, now an IBM company, is releasing the 7.0 version of their business rule management system (BRMS) family tomorrow (June 17th). Based on the demonstrations I saw, these mark a big step forward for the ILOG product range. I am going to post a full review tomorrow but I thought I would give everyone a [...]

ILOG and XM presented on optimization and business processes. Optimization in this context is about mathematical optimization aimed at decision support or Operations Research. Creating plans and schedules to optimize use of resources. Optimization helps business create best possible schedules or plans, explore their alternatives and understand trade-offs between conflicting goals. For instance, how much [...]

Another session on the integration of ILOG’s products with WebSphere, this time focused on the integration of WebSphere Business Events and rules.  Business Events are defined here as any electronic signal indicating a change of state. Business Event Processing is the sensing of patterns in these events that show an actionable situation has arisen and [...]

A technical introduction to how ILOG’s product complement WebSphere Business Process Management products.  ILOG, of course, has a full-fledged Business Rules Management Systems or BRMS as well as an optimization engine (CPLEX), visualization tools and applications for supply chain management. This session focused on how the ILOG BRMS integrates with and complements the WebSphere BPM [...]

IBM has made a number of announcements at IMPACT and I got a chance to hear more about them at a blogference – a press conference for bloggers I guess. Interesing mix of bloggers with other jobs (like me) and “real” press people. First Sandy spent some time on a bunch of social media announcements [...]

Vision Service Plan, VSP, presented on their use of business rules to build agile business processes in healthcare. VSP has some 55M customers in their plans and have been an IBM/ILOG customer since 2002. Every process in healthcare is governed by policies, regulations – every process has decisions that must be made following the rules [...]

Sandy Carter, Tom Rosamilia and Steve Mills led a press conference on their key announcements. IBM feels strongly that it has really got the experience you need for BPM and SOA. For their Dynamic Business Process and Models they have 5,000+ engagements and are #1 in BPM market share according to Gartner. They have research [...]

Well here we are at another IMPACT. The event has 5,000+ attendees. Keynotes begin with some humor from Billy Crystal. Steve Mills got the serious section kicked of by reminding us that technology is so pervasive it is easy to forget what we rely on it for. Billions of transistors, billions of people connected to [...]

New Wisdom was founded in 2006 (as a spinoff of Lambert Consultants) to develop software for managing business source rules. The product, RuleGuideTM, is designed to capture metadata about the rules and to support discovery and analysis of rules in projects adopting a business rules management system (BRMS). They see this as about 65% of [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I have posted a couple of times recently on the interaction of decisions and processes – Another way decision management and process interact, More on keeping decisions and processes separate and Here’s how decision management simplifies process management. This last one prompted Stephen Zisk (of Pega) and Dan Selman (of ILOG) to [...]

Business Analytics and IBM

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I participated in a panel at IBM’s launch of its new Business Analytics and Optimization service line this week. I wrote a quick post to go with the launch and having attended and heard the IBM folks talk about it and had a chance to talk with some of them I thought [...]

I am attending IBM’s launch event for its new Business Analytics and Optimization service line and scheduled a quick post to point readers to the announcement – there is a press kit at www.ibm.com/press/analytics. I am excited about this. Firstly it’s a big deal for IBM Global Business Services to add a service line so [...]

I got an interesting question last week: In you experience do you believe that the rules editors will become self documenting tools and, if so, is there any danger to this? With regard to products I have used in the past I am not convinced they have evolved sufficiently to do this and I always [...]

As my twitter feed starting warming up with thoughts on IBM and Sun I started to think – what impact would this have on the decision management market? I read what Steve Hamm had to say over on BusinessWeek – Why IBM Wants Sun and Tony Baer’s IBM buying Sun. Why Bother? But decision management [...]

While the blog has a list of my forthcoming speaking engagements on the sidebar, I realize that some of you only ever see the feed so I thought I would do a post with some upcoming opportunities to see or hear me in the wild. If you just want to meet me, you could catch [...]

One of the best things about being at DIALOG was the opportunity to meet a bunch of ILOG customers and learn how they are making better decisions in their organizations. It seems to me that every one of these customers is, in a very practical way, helping to build a smarter planet. The first group [...]

DIALOG Agile IT Infrastructure

Another panel, this time on how business rules fits into an agile IT infrastructure. British Airways, PMI (mortgage related services), Swiss Medical (Argentinian health insurance) and Wyndham Group were represented. Panels are tough to blog so here’s a list of takeaways: Start small and in a well known area to prove out the technology but [...]

I took some notes from an interesting panel on governance and change control. Panels are always tough to blog so this is a summary of my takeaways not a record of the panel: Executive sponsorship and active evangelism are key Build expertise – centers of excellence – within the groups that are managing rules Start [...]

Sodexo provides all sorts of services around food and facilities management. Labor is the number one cost for Sodexo. Each of their businesses, and they have businesses in 7,000 locations, is run somewhat separately. Most staff are hourly, many are unionized and each State has different rules. Tracking and managing hours worked is critical to [...]