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Attending IBM IMPACT 2011

I will be attending the first couple of days of IBM IMPACT 2011. I will not be speaking but will be at a number of the Decision Management and ILOG sessions. If you would like to meet please DM me on Twitter (jamet123) or email me (james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com).

Christian de Sainte Marie from the ILOG group at IBM presented to the OMG Decision Model Notation day on the role of decisions in the ILOG Business Rules Management System. Christian started by describing a BRMS (see my brief on what is a BRMS) and the ILOG BRMS in particular. He drilled down a little [...]

Gurobi is the latest entrant to the mainstream optimization engine market (IBM/ILOG CPLEX and FICO Dash being the two main players with CPLEX having by far the largest market share). Gurobi was founded by Zonghau Gu, Ed Rothberg and Bob Bixby in 2008. The three of them were instrumental in the development of  CPLEX, the [...]

I have been thinking about IBM’s Watson for a while now. I met some of the team very early in their development and here we are today with Watson slugging it out on TV. To do this it must decompose the question, generate multiple hypotheses and then score them before synthesizing an answer and associated [...]

The folks from SPSS and ILOG presented on Decision Management – Aligning Organizational Strategy with Day-to-Day Operations. I have blogged before about SPSS Decision Management and Modeler products. Before acquiring SPSS, IBM talked about the move towards optimizing decisions – replacing sense and respond with predict and act, becoming more fact-driven in real-time and driving [...]

Eric Charpentier had a nice introduction to scorecards overs on his blog. He does a nice job of describing an additive scorecard, that is a scorecard designed to represent a predictive analytic algorithm (not to be confused with a dashboard-like scorecard). He does not talk much about reason codes – the ability of a scorecard [...]

IBM recently announced it was buying Unica. As I work with both IBM and Unica I thought I should post some comments. To me, this is an interesting example of the ongoing evolution of decision management as a market. Today most customers aren’t looking explicitly for decision management solutions. Rather they are seeking business solutions [...]

Speaking in Paris, July 1

I am presenting at an IBM event in Paris on the role of decisions and decision management in building more intelligent business processes. Here’s the description of the event (in French): Une nouvelle faco de traviller Tedaes Logicielles, Edition Speciale Agilitite July 1 IBM Forum de Bois-Colombes More details Besides the morning keynote I am [...]

I received an update from IBM recently on IBM SPSS Decision Management 6 and IBM SPSS Modeler 14. IBM  sees organizations with many different data sources (inside and outside) that are moving from a traditional approach focused on reporting to one that involves “predict and act” – real-time, fact-driven decision making at the point of [...]

The nice folks over at IDC let me take a look at IDC – Worldwide Application Development and Deployment: 2010 Predictions. I have a somewhat narrow focus (Decision Management) so only two are really in my zone. First, #10: 10. Decisioning Products Will Be Unified to Deliver a Decision Management Platform This is obviously right [...]

After the intro on Advanced Case Management, a more technical session. The idea, Carl Kessler says, is to take all the technology IBM has and create a real improvement in their case management capabilities. Carl explained how IBM takes what they see industries and customers doing and capture storyboards for these different scenarios like new [...]

Doug Henschen has a great interview with Deepak Advani of IBM, the new head of IBM’s newly acquired SPSS business (and I am not just saying that because he mentions Smart (Enough) Systems).  I am looking forward to seeing what IBM does with the combination of ILOG and SPSS, along with InfoSphere, WebSphere, FileNet and [...]

Accenture and SAS announced today that they will jointly create an analytics group focused on financial services, healthcare and public service. They describe this as a “significant evolution of the existing relationship between the two companies”. The release is at  http://www.sas.com/news/preleases/AccentureSASAnalyticsGroup.html This is obviously an interesting announcement. Ever since IBM announced its new Business Analytics [...]

Lisa posted an interesting comment on an old post of mine (Why don’t you replace COBOL with something useful (not Java)) in which she make some interesting comments: I understand your last point that using a declarative “model” such business rules would be preferable to replace legacy COBOL applications instead of using a procedural language. [...]

Bruce Silver wrote a couple of interesting posts on this topic – Integrating Process and Rules – Part 1 and Part 2. Reading Bruce’s posts, and thinking back on the various posts I have written about business process and business decision management (Risks of pursuing BPM without decisioning, Adding decisioning to your BPM initiative or [...]

Quick thoughts on IBM and Lombardi

I have been out this week visiting clients and prospective clients on the east coast and so not blogging much. While I was gone IBM announced its acquisition of Lombardi. Now I don’t have much to add to Sandy Kemsley’s excellent post on the topic except to say that Lombardi has also been virulently anti-business [...]

I got a chance to sit down with Nancy Pearson, Vice President BPM, SOA, WebSphere and Industry Marketing at IBM last week to talk about Smart Work and other related topics. Smart Work is one of the four major themes that are part of IBM’s overall Smarter Planet initiative – New Intelligence, Green and Beyond, [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was attending IBM’s launch of its analytic appliances when it announced its intent to acquire SPSS. I did not get a chance to write much more at the time but I did not want to let the opportunity pass completely.I think the announcement represents a sea change in the decision management [...]

[amazonify]1600050131:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1600050131::text::::Business Rule Revolution: Running Business the Right Way by Barbara Von Halle, Larry Goldberg[/amazonify] The book is a collection of chapters, not necessarily designed to be read in sequence. The chapters include: A great summary of various rules projects surveyed by KPI showing the focus on agility, consistency, knowledge management, legacy modernization, business control (though [...]


UPDATED BASED ON CALL – see below In NY for IBM’s Analytics announcements. The original agenda has been overtaken by events – IBM bought SPSS this morning. Ambuj Goyal came on to talk about SPSS and focused on their predictive analytics software. SPSS is very widely used – 250,000 customers in all sorts of industries [...]