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DIALOG Governance, Change Control and Rules


I took some notes from an interesting panel on governance and change control. Panels are always tough to blog so this is a summary of my takeaways not a record of the panel:

  • Executive sponsorship and active evangelism are key
  • Build expertise – centers of excellence – within the groups that are managing rules
  • Start early and iterate the process as you learn more
  • One size will not fit all – be flexible, classify different kinds of rule change and manage them differently
  • Give rule change authority to the people who are expert in the policy
  • People and process matter far more than tools

One interesting question I still have is whether you should be worrying about rule changes or decision changes? Obviously decision changes require rule changes, but where to manage and version the changes?


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  • Eric Charpentier February 12, 2009, 5:56 am

    You raise a good question there.
    Rule changes (in the ILOG tools anyway) can be documented and versioned in many ways depending on the components you are using that are available to you.
    But when you refer to “Decision changes” are you referring to the policies which are sometimes documented in policy documents (Text documents or spreadsheets)? These document can also be versioned, but the exact changes within the document are usually hard to find.
    If decision changes mean something else entirely then I would like to see what you have to say on the topic now that you may have had time to ponder the question a bit longer.