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The Forrester Blog For Application Development & Program Management Professionals had a post on a 21st Century Software Development Process that reminded me of one of my favorite topics – the need for programmers, especially Agile programmers, to get on…

The Forrester Blog For Information & Knowledge Management Professionals had a nice post on The Growing Importance Of Enterprise Risk Management. One of the key points was this one: 2) They will focus on driving risk management into business decisions. Risk management is not new. Enterprises have internal auditors, Chief Risk Officers, and others responsible [...]

Mike Gualtieri published a nice piece on business rules engine algorithms last July that I wanted to point out to my readers. Mike summarizes the mainstream rules engine algorithms into those that deliver inferencing at run time, those that execute…

Tim Walters of Forrester had an interesting post this week – Is Web Personalization Now A Matter Of “Thurvival”? in which he emphasized that, even in a downturn, getting better at web personalization has a payoff. Now I think personalization is a good thing and the evidence that it results in more engagement, better results [...]

Last chance for the EDM Summit

There are only 12 Days Left to register for the first Enterprise Decision Management Summit so get off your butt and register! Neil and I Co-Chairs and readers of the blog can get a discount. We are presenting twice – A Pre-Conference Tutorial Succeeding as a Decision-Centric Organization and a Keynote Competing on Decisions. Because [...]

Steve Cranford of PwC wrote an interesting piece called Bringing Order to Chaos (brought to my attention by Alan over at Tibco) that made me think. Steve’s focus is on the next software suite for enterprises (something he calls an Intelligent Business Performance Platform) consisting of business intelligence, business process and business rules. Reading this [...]

Laura Ramos of Forrester just published a nice report on blogging – How To Derive Value From B2B Blogging. It’s a nice little report (well worth $379 ) and in it she lays out four compelling ways to derive value from a corporate blog: Strategy One: Be A Conversation Starter, Not A Spoiler In particular [...]

OutSystems came to my attention at the Forrester IT Forum as they were suggested as a tool with good support for what Forrester calls Dynamic Business Applications. Founded in 2001 they have 100+ customers mostly in Portugal and the Netherlands but increasingly also in the US. Of these they identify 17 existing customers that have [...]

Book Review – groundswell

[amazonify]1422125009:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1422125009::text::::Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies[/amazonify] I have just finished reading Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Groundswell is a great book providing a thorough and up to date discussion of how to use social media, and more, to connect with and energize your customers. The book approaches the [...]

I have just finished presenting on the last of a series of roadshows for Silverlink. I was one of a series of presenters for their Think Different seminars. I presented with Kinney Zalesne (author of Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes), Liz Boehm (Healthcare analyst at Forrester) and Fred Jubitz (recently of American [...]

Information as a Service

Mike Gilpin and Noel Yuhanna gave a presentation on how informaton-as-a-service can help your projects and applications. Many SOA implementations were focused on transactional solutions but Forrester found that many used the same service infrastructure to expose information – e.g. a customer update service which exposes the current address also. Theme: Information-as-a-service (IaaS) offers to [...]

Ken Vollmer kicked off the last day of the event with a view from the field – a survey on BPM that Forrester did at the end of 2007. The theme is that “BPM has already achieved mainstream status inside of most enterprises but we still have a long way to go to achieve the [...]

Jeff Hammond’s theme for this presentation is that as enterprise experiment with web 2.0 some successful adoption patterns are emerging. There are three ways to look at web 2.0: Enabling technologies Flex, Air, Silverlight, XML, Ajax, cloud computing Core applications Blogs, wikis, social networks, tagging, rss, mashups built on these core technologies Behavior shifts Information [...]

I can’t blog this session live as John Rymer and Mike Gualtieri have asked me to participate. What follows is a combination of thoughts based on the presentation and post-presentation notes. The theme of the presentation is that “The next frontier in business process management (BPM) and business rules is automating decisions within business processes”. [...]

I’m going to be on stage with Mike Gualtieri soon but I thought I would drop in and listen to him on the future of application development. Sadly this meant missing a session on BI but even I can’t be in two places at once. Mike’s theme is that the value of application developers in [...]

Last session of the day (also blogged on paper) was Charles Brett on Why Events Matter To The Business and what this means for application development professionals. I heard Charles talk on a similar subject at the IBM IMPACT event –Live from IMPACT – Business Event Processing. While many more business and IT people are [...]

I had to blog the last two sessions on paper – there are no power sockets in the hotel (the Palazzo at the Venetian in Las Vegas, conference planners please note) and my battery eventually gave up. So, back in the hotel now, here’s a summary of the notes I took. Sharyn Leaver presented on [...]

Bobby Cameron came up next and begun by highlighting how little IT sometimes matters to business innovation – even innovative companies and CEOs don’t think of their IT in this way. So why is this a problem? Executives say one thing but do another: Innovation is a “priority” but not on the executive team’s agenda. [...]

Eric Browne and Mike Gilpin kicked it off and introduced the theme of the conference – Innovation. 80% of GDP growth comes from new products and more innovative companies have higher profit margin growth and stock returns. Innovation remains in the top 3 list of concerns for executives. They showed an interesting collection of definitions [...]

Mike Gualtieri of Forrester had a blog post a few months back that I missed then but that he pointed out to me this week – What Is Your Future? In it he outlines two scenarios at either end of a continuum. One is that application development changes in incremental ways such that “The application [...]