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A meta post – blogging about blogging


Laura Ramos of Forrester just published a nice report on blogging – How To Derive Value From B2B Blogging. It’s a nice little report (well worth $379 ) and in it she lays out four compelling ways to derive value from a corporate blog:

  • Strategy One: Be A Conversation Starter, Not A Spoiler
    In particular I think it is important to participate in other blogs by reading, tracking back, posting comments etc.
  • Strategy Two: Make Blog Content Entertaining, Easy To Digest And To Use
    Well, I try….
  • Strategy Three: Connect The Dots Between Events And Community Involvement
    Like a couple of bloggers I know (Sandy Kemsley of Column 2 for instance), I enjoy blogging conferences and Laura explicitly calls out my blogging of the Forrester IT forum (thanks Laura).
  • Strategy Four: Invite Thought Leaders, But Coach Them On Community Etiquette
    This is one I struggle with – though I like the idea of multiple voices on a blog it can be hard to organize and sustain. Someone has to “own” the blog and make it theirs, I think.

Anyway, it’s a great report for all you marketing folks out there thinking about corporate blogs.