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Fair Isaac

Bill Fair, one of the founders of Fair Isaac, once said that to succeed with analytics you had to “grab the decision by the throat and don’t let go”. As Big Data and analytics become ever more central to organizations, and as more and more money is spent on analytics, this advice seems particularly timely. As [...]

[amazonify]1600050131:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1600050131::text::::Business Rule Revolution: Running Business the Right Way by Barbara Von Halle, Larry Goldberg[/amazonify] The book is a collection of chapters, not necessarily designed to be read in sequence. The chapters include: A great summary of various rules projects surveyed by KPI showing the focus on agility, consistency, knowledge management, legacy modernization, business control (though [...]

Back in March FICO released 6.7 of their BRMS Blaze Advisor. I got a chance to catch up with the release just recently. The focus of this release was the business user experience – an improved out of the box experience for business users. The business user experience has become increasingly critical as business users [...]

New Wisdom was founded in 2006 (as a spinoff of Lambert Consultants) to develop software for managing business source rules. The product, RuleGuideTM, is designed to capture metadata about the rules and to support discovery and analysis of rules in projects adopting a business rules management system (BRMS). They see this as about 65% of [...]

Predictions for 2009

I just went back to check and found no predictions on the blog for 2008 (so I get a 100% accuracy rating with no errors) so I thought I would make some for 2009. In no particular order then: Cloud computing will impact decision management. There are already at least two decision management vendors offering [...]

First Look Blaze Advisor 6.6

Blaze Advisor 6.6 is an incremental release to Fair Isaac’s business rules management system that has just become available. As Fair Isaac has used the product more extensively as the basis for its decisioning applications its own experience has driven a variety of useful features and this, combined with the Blaze Advisor team’s usual focus [...]

Stuart Crawford from Fair Isaac’s R&D group presented on New Approaches to Creating, Simplifying and Visualizing Rules. While decision trees can be very clear, they can also become very complex. His group has been working on algorithms for simplifying decision trees. Because decision trees often have repeating sub-trees – pieces of the tree that are [...]

EDM Summit – Day 2 Begins

Getting ready for my keynote and wanted to post a few quick things. Firstly other bloggers: Sandy Kemsley, Paul Vincent and Mike Kaviz are all here and are/will be posting. Here are the links I found so far: Business Rules Forum: Vendor Panel Business Rules Forum: Mixing Rules and Process Business Rules Forum: Ron Ross [...]

Last chance for the EDM Summit

There are only 12 Days Left to register for the first Enterprise Decision Management Summit so get off your butt and register! Neil and I Co-Chairs and readers of the blog can get a discount. We are presenting twice – A Pre-Conference Tutorial Succeeding as a Decision-Centric Organization and a Keynote Competing on Decisions. Because [...]

The folks at Fair Isaac pointed me to a new community they have just released – dmtools.fairisaac.com. I have not had much of a chance to check it out but it looks useful and I look forward to participating. One thing is new – you can download trial versions of Blaze Advisor. Have fun…

PMML – The Predictive Modeling Markup Language – is the primary XML format for describing predictive analytic models so that a modeling tool can share a model with either another modeling tool or, more usefully, with a deployment environment. The folks over at KDNuggets recently ran a poll asking their readers about their use of [...]

I got a chance to speak with ILOG today and do some thinking so it’s time to write more about the IBM and ILOG announcement. As it is an acquisition of one publicly traded company by another neither company can legally say very much. As a result I, like everyone else, have a bunch of [...]

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zDwIfSDQiE (Falcon, by the way, is the name of Fair Isaac’s fraud detection product that combines a neural network – a form of predictive analytics – with business rules and dynamic profiles to make real-time decisions about credit card fraud).

Mike made an interesting comment in response to my recent post on the future of application development. He said: Are business domain tools necessary to enable a non-trivial development role for businesspeople? Like many good questions the answer is complicated – in a way, both yes and no. I do agree with Mike that a [...]

ILOG today announced a Scorecard modeler as an add-on for ILOG JRules ® (which I first saw at DIALOG). As their press release says, this add-in allows customers to “incorporate statistical scorecard models directly into decision services” – a key tenet of enterprise decision mangement or EDM. ILOG is targeting financial institutions clearly but apparently [...]

Ted Iacobuzio of TowerGroup gave the closing keynote, expanding on the survey results Fair Isaac announced today. More than 100 of the InterACT attendees took the survey – clearly this is top of mind. Some highlights: Lenders appreciate the need for integrated customer information and multi-product decisioning Lenders are not all at the same speed [...]

A collections session next with folks from Adeptra, Fair Isaac and GE Money talking about GE’s vision for virtual collections. The collections environment is extremely bad this year with massive growth in the need for collection agents. Delinquencies are up, problems are up, consumers are stressed. Scores are worsening (credit profiles are worse), payments are [...]

Last full session today is Lisa Kart and Jean Zoch of Fair Isaac talking about optimal pricing – balancing profitability with competitiveness. Lisa’s focus, she says, is on what makes price optimization work. Price optimization is a very broad topic, even in financial services, but their focus is on being able to target price for [...]

Paul Daro was next giving some detail around the new architecture (introduced by Bernhard Nann). A number of trends were identified first: Clearly the move to a collection of services from monolithic applications has fundamentally changed the relationship of vendors to customers – now more about delivering services that can be fitted in to an [...]

Next up Discover and Fair Isaac talking about Discover’s Enterprise Decision Management initiative. Dave Wodall from Discover co-presented with Xun Shao of Fair Isaac. Discover use Blaze Advisor (rules), Model Builder (analytics) and Decision Optimizer (portfolio optimization). Discover was launched in 1985 and, like Amex, has both the network and the consumer relationship. 50M members, [...]