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The new normal of COVID-19 requires systems that let you react quickly and accurately.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has upended the world economy – and your business. While the impacts to date have been dramatic, we have to face the fact that this is the beginning of a new normal – a world in which this virus circulates. This will have short- and medium-term consequences for your business regardless of [...]

Please describe your current role and title DecisionViz is a management consultant that helps companies build leadership in the processes, people, and culture around data visualization. We work with senior management to elevate visualization from the activity of reporting and making charts to being integrated with their daily decision-making. I founded the company in 2012. [...]

We have been expanding recently, adding partners to help us deliver decision management to customers around the world. You can see the current list of partners here on Decision Management Solution’s website. To introduce these partners to you I am going to be conducting a series of interviews in the coming weeks. I am going [...]

Larry Rosenberger, FICO Research fellow, ex-FICO CEO and generally fascinating analytic thinker was up next to discuss analytics and the internet of things. For all the “speculative” in the title, Larry things the whole area of the internet of things is becoming more real and less speculative. Larry began by defining the internet of things. [...]

The last item in the program here at IBM IMPACT before I go speak is a panel of General Managers led by Rob Leblanc. Interesting points included: Is a connected car a mobile data center or just a big, complex mobile device? Or both. How do CIOs partner with COOs to drive smarter process and [...]

I am giving a webinar on the advantages of a decision management approach to business rules implementations March 27, 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern. I will demonstrate how defining decision requirements adds an entirely new dimension to requirements modeling making it: Easier to get the requirements right Easier to draw the automation boundaries Easier to re-use, evolve and [...]

2. Business users wouldn’t know what to do with decision automation if they had it “My business users don’t want to get involved” “But I can’t get users to tell me the rules now” “I don’t want the users telling us how to do our jobs” The first reaction to decision automation technology from some [...]

5. I can’t afford it Just like any new approach, decision automation software costs money, so does the training, so does the initial help you need. A sense that it cannot be afforded comes from either the team with the initial problem or from the IT department as a whole. When the problem comes from [...]

Cross-posted from International Institute for Analytics There was a great article recently in the McKinsey Quarterly – The Second Economy. In it W Brian Arthur discusses the fact that Digitization is creating a second economy that’s vast, automatic, and invisible—thereby bringing the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution. It’s a good article and worth a [...]

IBM WebSphere update

Helping clients transform their business is the theme. In the rapidly changing world, transformation is not optional and it doesn’t come easy. IBM talks about a “culture of adaptability” and about complex business ecosystems that pull together capabilities from multiple companies as part of delivering new products and services. IBM’s recent focus has been on [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Sapphire, SAP’s big show, is on this week and I have been following the twitter stream (I was invited but couldn’t make it). Merv Adrian (@merv) had a sequence of posts about some SAP customers (Shell and Unilever) that really struck me: Shell … “Once you pour electronic concrete, it’s hard to [...]

The sixth webinar in the series. Decisioning rules can come by the hundreds or thousands.  These rules often involve large number of criteria. How do you capture that many business rules with so many variations without going crazy?  This presentation outlines a pragmatic approach based on developing business questions to create complex decision tables.  These [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I was reading an article on The top 10 CIO concerns and I was struck by the first four: Business productivity and cost reduction IT and business alignment Business agility and speed to market Business process re-engineering It seemed to me, reading this list, that all four of these were concerns that [...]

One of the questions I get regularly can be summarized like this: I see how a decision service works when it returns an answer but can it return multiple answers? As one reader put it: Suppose we want to go from India to the USA. There are number of alternatives and many flights that are [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Inspired by this post by Vijay on Art of Software Reuse (Risks With Pursuing BPM Without SOA) I thought I would write something about the risks of pursuing BPM without decisioning – without decision management. When BPM is pursued without pursing decision management in parallel the direct consequence is that decisions become [...]

Talking with SAP today I made the comment that the best place to use business rules was often in stable, core business processes because those processes don’t change, only the decision rules within them. This clearly struck a chord with @GregChase and it made me think I should write a slightly longer version of what [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ As the summer doldrums roll on I thought I would try and stir things up a little with a “2.0” post – specifically some thoughts on a software stack for “Application Development 2.0”. Such a stack would: Model processes, events and decisions as first class objects Support declarative (rules-based) approaches to developing [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Michael Cote of Redmonk had a nice piece on over on his People over Process blog. He made a series of great points about the risk of business and IT people not being aligned – risks to the business and to IT. In particular I was struck by this comment: What happens [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Mike Gualtieri is always interesting over at the Forrester Blog For Application Development & Program Management Professionals. This week he has a post called Do Application Developers Need To Change Their Ways? In the post he asks developers to look at the person in the mirror (he’s been listening to Michael Jackson’s [...]