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I have just finished up a new white paper on Predictive Analytics in Cloud CRM for KXEN: The use of predictive analytics is increasingly central to CRM processes at B2B and B2C companies. To adopt cloud CRM these companies are demanding cloud-based predictive applications. This paper discusses both the general use case for predictive analytics in [...]

I am speaking at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco,  March 5th on Five Growth Scenarios for Predictive Analytics in the Cloud. Predictive analytics and cloud technologies are hot topics individually, but how can you use them together? In this session industry expert James Taylor will discuss the use cases for predictive analytics in the cloud. [...]

We have announced the full results of our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey. The results are available as a white paper and as a recorded webinar – go to smartdatacollective.com/predictive-analytics-cloud to register for all the deliverables. There were some interesting results and I thought I would share a few. The core focus for predictive [...]

We are announcing the full results of our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey next week (Thursday, 10am Pacific) and will be making the results available also as a white paper at the same time. You can register on SmartData Collective for access to the white paper when it is published and for other deliverables [...]

The Predictive Analytics in the Cloud research we have been conducting is coming to an end. We have closed the survey having garnered over 200 business and technical professionals. – thanks to all who participated. We are going to publishing the study findings and survey results in a webinar and a white paper on November [...]

We surveyed over 200 business and technical professionals for our study on cloud based predictive analytic solutions. Thanks to all who participated. Study findings and survey results will be presented on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. PT, 1:00 p.m. ET, and will include short presentations from our research sponsors – Clario Analytics, FICO, [...]

Just announced: I am speaking on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud at FICO World on Thursday November 3rd at 10:15 ET Predictive analytics and cloud technologies are hot topics individually, but how can you use them together? In this session industry expert James Taylor will discuss the use cases for predictive analytics in the cloud. [...]

Our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud research is moving forward. We announced this multi-stage, multi-client project a week ago and are busy developing the survey (plan is to launch this mid-September) and the initial position paper. I’ve had some great interviews with our sponsors (Clario Analytics, FICO, Opera Solutions, Predixion Software, SAS, Teradata, and Toovio) [...]

Update – In2Clouds

I got an update from in2clouds recently. Since I last wrote about them (see this First Look on in2clouds) they have made 3 key updates – they have added support for ensemble models, moved to allow private/hybrid cloud deployment and completed their service definition API. Ensemble models first. While using an ensemble model does not [...]

First Look – Kount

I got a chance to catch up with Kount recently, a 4 year old company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keynetics (a 13 year old e-commerce company) focused on preventing fraud in e-commerce. They offer an all-in-one SaaS solution aimed at detecting fraud fast (intra-transaction real-time) while giving customers flexibility and usability. They [...]

Warning, long post follows – SAS has a lot of products and even this summary was a lot. A big session on the product portfolio – 2010 and 2011 highlights in some specific focus areas. New releases in 2010 included: Customer Link Analytics – released in Q1 this product focused on using links between customers [...]

Carl Farrell came up to talk about sales enablement and execution. 2010 was an interesting year in the Americas as the recovery was very inconsistent between countries in the Americas and across verticals. Strong growth in First Year Fees – 21% in US, 15% in Canada and 56% nearly in Latin America (with the Southern [...]

I was presenting this week to a company that asked what trends I saw in business rules. I had my ow thoughts but I also reached out to some other experience business rules implementers. Here’s what we came up with: A broader context for business rules Business rules are increasingly adopted as part of a [...]

Mike Hoskins talked about event capture and analytics, or the transition from data acquisition to meaningful knowledge – how to build data pipelines from client data to meaningful insight at a Business Service Provider (BSP or SaaS data processor).  BSPs have an interesting challenge  – they provide a service in the cloud but they have [...]

First Look – in2clouds

in2clouds is focused on helping companies use Predictive Analytics to improve their business performance. Founded by MicroStrategy alumni and launched in 2009, in2clouds is a small company that has been working in hi-tech, financial services and retail. Seeing analytics as “the next big thing” they want to reduce the friction for mainstream adoption and help [...]

First Look – DataInfoCom

I caught up with DataInfoCom recently – a research-oriented software company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their focus is on what they call Predictive Decision Management. Their software product, OSMOSYS, delivers predictive decisioning over the Internet – Decisions as a Service or DaaS as I call it. Their customers include a couple of well known, Fortune [...]

I got a quick update from Roger Ahern at Experian recently. Roger runs a recently founded group focused on hosted decisioning applications. Experian also has a Decision Analytics group with teams handling software (their Strategy ManagementSM and ProbeSM products), fraud products (like Precise IDSM) and Decision Sciences (custom analytic models and related services).  Experian’s Credit [...]