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Update on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud


Our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud research is moving forward. We announced this multi-stage, multi-client project a week ago and are busy developing the survey (plan is to launch this mid-September) and the initial position paper. I’ve had some great interviews with our sponsors (Clario Analytics, FICO, Opera Solutions, Predixion Software, SAS, Teradata, and Toovio) and I think we are going to get some really interesting results.

Remember, all the deliverables are going to be hosted on our landing page at SmartData Collective – look for more posts as we make progress or check back on the landing page. Meanwhile you can register now (one registration gets you access to all the deliverables) and we’ll keep you informed by email.

On twitter you’ll tweets from @jamet123(me) and from @decisionmgt and we will be using the hashtag #PACloud.

One more thing, be sure to take the survey when it goes live so we know what you think about this exciting topic.