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A Q&A on the role of decision modeling in analytics


Jim Powell just published a Q&A with me on Using Decision Management to Maximize Analytics. We covered a bunch of things:

  1. What, exactly,is decision management and what does it have to do with advanced analytics?
  2. What’s the history of decision management – where did it come from and does it work?
  3. What kind of decisions are we talking about here?
  4. These are not the decisions people usually focus on with analytics so how can you identify suitable decisions?
  5. Why do you need a new way to describe the analytic requirements of these decisions?
  6. How do these decision models help you develop and deploy advanced analytics?

Check it out. If you are interested in this topic, why not come to my training class on Evolving Your Requirements Approach for Advanced Analytics with Decision Management at the TDWI World Conference in Boston in July?


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