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My colleague Gagan Saxena is presenting with Andrew Ray of Goldman Sachs on Beyond Textbooks: Building the Modern Business Architecture at this year’s Building Business Capability conference. A modern Business Architecture has been developed to align organizational change projects and to leverage new technologies. Value Streams, Capabilities, Processes, Decisions, Data, Events and Metrics have been lined up [...]

I am giving a webinar on Improve Your Process Models by Modeling Decisions for the IIBA on September 18 at 11am Eastern: Business analysts know that modeling business processes, rather than writing about them, defines them more accurately. Business process models make it easier to validate requirements, easier to see opportunities for improvement and easier to manage [...]

Fred Balboni came up next. Fred, of course, was early in IBM’s Business Analytics and Optimization service line with its unique focus on analytics. This service line has grown to 9,000 consultants and has conducted thousands of – 30,000 – analytics engagements. Fred began with a little history. ERP, he says, took about 20 years [...]

A new week and another new white paper. This week it is The Decisions at the Heart of Your Process How Decision Management simplifies business processes and improves results Companies applying Business Process Management can create simpler and more agile processes, and more flexible business applications, by externalizing decisions and applying business rules to effectively manage those [...]

I am speaking on at the IBM BPM and ODM Summit in Napa California on October 10. I am speaking on Smarter, Simpler Processes & Decisions: One of the prime causes of over-complex processes is the inclusion of decision-making in process designs. Organizations that identify the decisions in their processes and manage them as peers – [...]

I am speaking at IBM’s IMPACT Comes to You in Costa Mesa, CA on September 12. I will present on BPM and Decision Management for Smarter, Simpler and More Agile Processes: One of the prime causes of over-complex processes is the inclusion of decision-making in process designs. Organizations that identify the decisions in their processes and [...]

In a recent article over on All Analytics – Analytics-Business Alignment Needs Work – Beth Schultz discussed a set of Gartner predictions written up by Doug Laney. In particular she highlights Gartner’s finding that companies cited …aligning BI initiatives with corporate strategy and objectives nearly three times as often as they called out technology-related issues [...]

Opening Keynotes at #BBCCon11

Gladys Lam kicked if off by introducing the three chairs of the conference – Kathleen Barret Chair of IIBA who heads up the business analysis tracks, Roger Burlton of BPTrends who heads up the business process tracks and Ron Ross of BRSolutions who heads up the business rules forum tracks. The three chairs then came [...]

Decision Management can only succeed if the business rules for decisions can be effectively managed. Effective management must involve both business and IT organizations. There must be alignment and collaboration if the business rules are to be managed correctly. Indeed empowering this collaboration is the primary value of a business rules management system. Yet most [...]

A new white paper is up on Decision Management Solutions company site, “The Decisions at the Heart of Your Processes – How Decision Management simplifies business processes and improves results.” It is a companion paper to the workshop I gave last week at Gartner BPM 2011. Summary: Companies applying Business Process Management can create simpler and [...]

Strategy Meets Actions’ research reports that insurers have tens, hundreds, even thousands of initiatives. To achieve these goals, aligning the business and IT is critical, as is setting the right priorities, and ensuring technology investments support these priorities. Decision Management focuses on the key business decisions, and moves away from a focus on functional processes [...]

Subtitled “from 0 to 1400”, this case study discussed how Unum (an insurance company) introduced business rules. Back in 2009 their rules were scattered, siloed, hidden in requirements documents and in different formats (from code to if/then statements to long verbose notes). And even though they tried to focus on rules, they were often embedded [...]

One of the prime causes of over-complex processes is the inclusion of decision-making in process designs. Organizations that identify the decisions in their processes and manage them as peers – not part of the process but supporting it – find they can simplify process designs, increase agility and bring business users and IT into better [...]

I am giving a webinar on “Building Responsive Enterprises – One Decision at a Time” with Progress Software this week. I will discuss how decision management improves business performance by identifying the key decisions that drive value in your business. I will discuss: The responsive enterprise The need for decisions Business rules and business alignment [...]

I am participating in the ebizQ BPM in Action series this month.  I am speaking on Advanced Decisioning for Process Excellence at 1pm on June 23. Straight-through processing, advanced analytics, dynamic processes, business user control and business alignment — all are make or break issues for process excellence. But are these really process issues at [...]

I followed up with Steve Culp of Accenture about their announcement of a new Risk Management practice earlier this year. Obviously Accenture has been doing risk management for a long time but they have now brought together people who were already working in this space in different verticals and in their information systems practice as [...]

A decisioning elevator pitch

Syndicated from ebizQ So you’re the CIO of a Fortune 500 company and you step into an elevator with your CEO. He asks why the board should approve your seven figure Decision Management budget request. What’s your “elevator pitch” for decisioning? Is it that decisioning can change the basic assumptions of your business – decoupling [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I got an interesting comment on my recent post about the top 4 concerns of CIOs. Joanne makes a number of points in her comment that I thought should be addressed: a business rules engine is not nearly enough. What is needed instead is a means to model manage and measure the [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I was reading an article on The top 10 CIO concerns and I was struck by the first four: Business productivity and cost reduction IT and business alignment Business agility and speed to market Business process re-engineering It seemed to me, reading this list, that all four of these were concerns that [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Sharon Machlis had a great piece over on Computerworld titled Opinion: I’ve looked at code from both sides now on her experience of being a developer on a project where she was usually a user. It’s an interesting experience that she describes and I was struck particularly by a couple of comments. [...]