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Live Event at BBC: Beyond Textbooks: Building the Modern Business Architecture


My colleague Gagan Saxena is presenting with Andrew Ray of Goldman Sachs on Beyond Textbooks: Building the Modern Business Architecture at this year’s Building Business Capability conference.

A modern Business Architecture has been developed to align organizational change projects and to leverage new technologies. Value Streams, Capabilities, Processes, Decisions, Data, Events and Metrics have been lined up to synchronize and prioritize change projects across multiple lines of business. The architecture is also being extended to support various Governance and Control Frameworks required in a regulated environment.

This Business Architecture is ground breaking since it moves beyond all current definitions of Business Architecture – allowing for modern business models that are ready to scale by exploiting Big Data, Analytics, Business Rules, Decision Management, Optimization Algorithms, Knowledge Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Current prescriptions on building a Business Architecture were not adequate as they suggested a divide between business and technology – a distinction that is increasingly becoming an artificial boundary that places needless limits on smart, creative work.

The key features of this modern Business Architecture include a direct performance traceability, a model-driven approach and a focus on making the systems intelligent through automated decision-making. The modern Business Architecture is driving change projects in regulatory compliance, legacy modernization, cost reduction, task automation and dashboard metrics alignment.

A dedicated Business Architecture and Change Management group spearheaded a coordinated cross-enterprise effort to build the Business Architecture while keeping essential change projects moving along.

Ultimately, this modern Business Architecture is enabling more and better coordinated change projects with better business outcomes – while allowing seamless integration among modern technology choices available today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Business Architecture
  • Business Modeling
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Decision Management

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