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Decision Modeling, BPMN, Business Rules and Predictive Analytics: A live demo


I recently gave a presentation at bpmNEXT showing how you can apply decision modeling, using the new Decision Model and Notation standard, to build simpler, smarter and more agile processes. The actual presentation was recorded and I will blog when it goes live but as part of preparing I recorded the demo itself and we have made this available on YouTube:

In this video you will see a live demonstration of DecisionsFirst Modeler, our collaborative cloud-based environment for decision modeling. I show how the Decision Model and Notation standard works, how it helps simplify process models and how you can link decision models in DecisionsFirst Modeler to implementation environments like a business rules management system or a predictive analytic workbench. In this example I begin with a BPMN model in Signavio’s process editor (though we work with any BPMN editor) and then show and edit a decision model in both our read-only and editing environments. I show how you can link the decision model to a business rules management system for rule editing and even test execution using OpenRules as an example (though we can support more or less anyone’s environment). I also discuss the importance of traceability and show how you can link models in DecisionsFirst Modeler to everything from policy documents to predictive analytic models using BigML as an example (again this could have been any analytic tool).

If you want to learn more about DecisionsFirst Modeler check out the website or download this white paper on Decision Modeling with DMN. Don’t forget there’s a free 60 day trail available for DecisionsFirst Modeler and we have some forthcoming online training on decision modeling too.


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