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Some Thoughts on Pushing BI Beyond Business Managers


Syndicated from BeyeNetwork

TDWI had an interview with Michael Corcoran of Information Builders recently – Q&A: Pushing BI Beyond Business Managers: TDWI in which he had a great phrase:

“Information can have a dramatic, positive behavioral effect when it is directly available”

I am not familiar with the WebFOCUS platform – if anyone from Information Builders wants to set up a briefing for me that would be great – but from what Michael says it seems to me that a platform like WebFOCUS would get companies well down the road to managing operational decisions.

The keys to success would be a couple of things:

  • Can you identify the decisions that matter and focus on them?
  • Can you change your thinking from “this is the data I have, who needs it?” to “these are the decisions we must improve, what data would help?”
  • Can you integrate analytic insight with regulations and policies – put business rules and analytics together, in other words?
  • Can you focus you analytic effort on predicting the future not reporting on the past?
  • Can you automate as much, or as little, of the decision as makes sense?

If you can then I, like Michael, think your information can have a dramatic and positive effect. Decision management is about putting your data to work and it seems to me that Michael is focusing on that same objective.


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