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Testimonial from John Parkinson


“Throughout business, every day, critical decisions are made by people – people who may have just the right information and understanding to make good decisions, but just as likely do not. Many of these decisions could be made correctly and consistently if the rules that govern them were understood and the information needed to shape them was readily available. Despite three decades of progressively more comprehensive business automation and the accumulation of a rich “digital history” of business, too few organizations really understand and apply critical business rules. In Smart (enough) Systems, James Taylor and Neil Raden lay out a well reasoned path to attacking this situation and improving business operations through the understanding and consistent application of business rules using readily available technologies. The book is an important contribution to business productivity because it covers the opportunity from both the business executive’s and technologist’s perspective – essential; if the two sides are to come together in an understanding of what can be done and what’s need to do it. This should be on every operational executive’s and every CIO’s list of essential reading.”

John Parkinson, CTO TransUnion. Former CTO Capgemini North American Region, CIO Insights Columnist


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