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I recently got an introduction to the Provenir Big Data Listening and Engagement platform. Provenir is a cloud-based platform that serves as an omni-channel engagement hub, allowing brands to proactively listen for real-time events and comments across Big Data and leverage these moments to orchestrate real-time customer journeys for individual customers. It accomplishes this by [...]

Saffron Technology is focused on prediction and sense making using associative memories. Associative Memories automate cognitive thinking by building connections and counts from large amounts of data. Saffron Technology uses a NoSQL / schema free approach and have developed technology to reason in real time by recalling the connections in the context of the raw [...]

First my apologies for the lack of blog posts recently – just been a crazy time. I am going to be blogging from some events next week on standards for decision management and updates from IBM on their analytics and decision management products. Plus I plan to re-run some oldies but goodies on using business [...]

I have recently begun writing a column for Information Management magazine and a new one just published. The magazine is now completely online at www.information-management.com/ and you can follow their twitter feed @infomgmt. Here are my columns so far: Requirements for Advanced Analytics How to use decision management techniques to effectively gather the requirements for data mining [...]

An interesting discussion started on twitter this week with @BigBlueMilky saying “Decision Management is so much more that just using business rules” – something I strongly agree with. @JeffreyGoodReq followed up by adding “But you must start with business rules” and, when I disagreed and said you must start with Decisions added “rules = context [...]

Thanks to @susanliza1 I saw a tweet from @ArthurAranda of Hudson City Savings in which he said The business of a mortgage broker is knowing numerous & complex lending rules, regulations, procedures, & policies. It is not for everyone. Given what I do – helping companies build decision management systems – this is interesting to [...]

I am interviewing Sid Probstein of Attivio as part of the Virtual Circle Briefing Room series on Tuesday February 15th at 4PM ET. Attivio will be talking about their unstructured text analytics capabilities and we’ll talk about how you can bring structured and unstructured data together for better analytics. Q&A with the twittersphere too. This [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Sapphire, SAP’s big show, is on this week and I have been following the twitter stream (I was invited but couldn’t make it). Merv Adrian (@merv) had a sequence of posts about some SAP customers (Shell and Unilever) that really struck me: Shell … “Once you pour electronic concrete, it’s hard to [...]

There have been a number of twitter conversations around the recent SAP/Sybase news that make me want to write more than 140 characters in response. These fall into three main categories: Does the announcement have an impact on those considering decision management strategies What, exactly, do mobile workers need and does Sybase deliver this for [...]

Removing decisioning from the SDLC

Syndicated from ebizQ My friends at IDIOM had a great tweet today – @Intelligentform said: #Decisioning objective:nothing less than the removal of decision management from the SDLC – automated decisions should be managed as content I retweeted it (I’m @jamet123) but I thought it warranted a longer blog post about why this is a good [...]

There has been a lot of twittering between some of my colleagues (@CMatignon, @mgualtieri, @johnrrymer, @NeilRaden) around rules, decisioning and CEP. As such I thought I would write a quick blog post on the topic as it seems to me that the reason for confusion and for some of the back and forth I see [...]

James Governor of Redmonk shared a great tweet today (he is @monkchips) @dhague: 6 degrees of separation between developers and end-users is 3 too many. It’s hard to keep users happy with that disconnect Now here’s one way to think about the degrees of separation between your users and your developers: Users tell an analyst [...]

Great comment from monkchips on twitter today: the key to customer relationship management is to treat your clients as people rather than accounts. everything else follows from that. Of course the challenge is how to make sure that all the people who work for you and all the systems your clients use do this. While [...]

First session is Doug Neal from CSC on “New Aspirations for BPM – Green and Global”. Doug took us back to 2001 when BPM was new and reminded us that the driver was a need for change (that could not be supported by the ERP systems of the time). How we manage change has evolved [...]

Social Media at InterACT 2008

Next week is InterACT and I will be blogging. You can also follow what I post, and what anyone else attending posts, at these locations: Hastags – http://hashtags.org/tag/interact2008/ Eventtrack – http://eventtrack.info/index.php?t_event=interact2008 Both have instructions about how to add you own posts/twitter streams to the collective so if anyone attending is on twitter etc, let me [...]

Changes to the blog

I made some changes to the blog last night and this morning – sorry if you had any difficulties. Here’s what I changed: Added “Share This” linkAllows you to share the post/page with social book marketing sites or email it to someone. Clicking on the icon creates an in-screen selection window, the link takes you [...]