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Changes to the blog


I made some changes to the blog last night and this morning – sorry if you had any difficulties. Here’s what I changed:

  • Added “Share This” link
    Allows you to share the post/page with social book marketing sites or email it to someone. Clicking on the icon creates an in-screen selection window, the link takes you to a page
  • Added “Twit this” button
    Allows those of you using twitter to generate a tinyURL for the post and then twit about it using twitthis
  • Added “What I am doing” to the right sidebar
    Picks up my twits
  • Added my recent del.icio.us selections to the right sidebar
    I am considering dropping the feature that posts my links as I am not sure this is a good way for everyone to see what I save to del.icio.us so the sidebar is one alternative
  • Added a list of related links to each post
    This uses the tags to find similar posts and displays a list of them below the comments field.

Hopefully all of this adds some value to you all.