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I last got briefed by Sparkling Logic back in August 2012 and I got an update on their new Kyoto release. The new release has a big focus on the user interface and on making the information in the system more accessible. First off SMARTS now immediately shows information about new features including links to [...]

First Look: Idio

As part of my ongoing series on Marketing Decision Management Solutions I got my first look at a new take on next best action systems the other day with the folks from Idio. Idio focuses on what they call “intelligent customer experiences through content.” They have what amounts to a real time decisioning platform focused [...]

It’s been a while since I last got an update from IDIOM – several years since this update on IDIOM charging by the rule. To recap, IDIOM was founded back in 2001, has 12-15 FTE staff and is solidly based in New Zealand with largely NZ investors and about 80% of their revenue from Australia [...]

New Wisdom LLC I have an update on the RuleGuide™ product from New Wisdom recently. I blogged about RuleGuide back in 2009. The product started with a focus on business rule management for the business team – allowing them to create a container of rules to pass to the IT group for implementation in a [...]

First session today is Jayne Dutra of NASA on Re-Thinking Search in a Web 2.0 World. Jayne started by going over some of the basics, talking about web 1.0 with portals/websites/search moving to Web 2.0 with blogs, wikis, RSS, social networking and community portals. She used a Mills Davis slide that talked about web 3.0 [...]

Changes to the blog

I made some changes to the blog last night and this morning – sorry if you had any difficulties. Here’s what I changed: Added “Share This” linkAllows you to share the post/page with social book marketing sites or email it to someone. Clicking on the icon creates an in-screen selection window, the link takes you [...]