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Jim Sinur brought up an interesting point today when he blogged IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP have bought Business Rule Technology. What’s up with that? The big players seem to be toying with business rules – there’s plenty of activity but not much understanding or commitment. SAP bought Yasu but until recently did not show [...]

Having posted some initial thoughts on RuleBurst’s acquisition of Haley, I was lucky enough to get some time with Peter Still, VP Strategy. Peter and I spent an interesting hour discussing the merger and the combined companies plans so I thought I would share some of my thoughts. The first interesting thing to note is [...]

Heard the news today that RuleBurst (an Australian BRMS vendor) has acquired Haley Systems (a US one). The press release makes a big point of the two companies shared focus on natural language rules and of their contrasting historical markets (Asia/Pacific and Europe v US). I don’t have any more details beyond the publicly announced [...]