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A critical mass in natural-language rules?


Heard the news today that RuleBurst (an Australian BRMS vendor) has acquired Haley Systems (a US one). The press release makes a big point of the two companies shared focus on natural language rules and of their contrasting historical markets (Asia/Pacific and Europe v US).
I don’t have any more details beyond the publicly announced ones, though I am hoping to get briefed at some point, but a couple of things occur to me immediately:

  • Will the combination be able to deliver the features now common in Business Rules Management Systems and Natural Language Processing?
    This was always the concern with Haley – that the combination was too much to ask for from a single fairly small company. Clearly the sale to RuleBurst could be said to have proven that this was a problem but perhaps the combined company will manage it.
  • Will the two companies different geographic focuses become an asset, making them a worldwide player, or a liability, by creating tensions between different parts of what should now be a single development team?
  • Will the combined company focus on decisions not rules
    This is a clear trend in the rules industry but it remains to be seen where RuleBurst falls on this.

Fascinating questions and ones I hope to post answers to shortly.


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