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rule governance

As part of our ongoing “Meet our Partners Series” I caught up with Claye Greene of TechBlue, a Decision Management Solutions partner. Claye and I made this recording of a webinar on legacy modernization. Please describe your current role and title and tell us a little about your company I’m Claye Greene, Managing Director of TechBlue. TechBlue is [...]

I am going to attend and blog a few sessions at the Building Business Capability conference. First up are folks from Unum talking about how they are evolving their business rules management policies and practices. Unum is a group of life and health insurance companies, mostly in the US but also in the UK and [...]

Decision Management can only succeed if the business rules for decisions can be effectively managed. Effective management must involve both business and IT organizations. There must be alignment and collaboration if the business rules are to be managed correctly. Indeed empowering this collaboration is the primary value of a business rules management system. Yet most [...]

My friends at DAASL are hosting a webinar on How to achieve Rule Governance and the associated Best Practices for Enterprise wide adoption of Business Rules Management Systems. To register for the webinar go to http://daaslinc.net/webinar.php?id=Webinar1 The webinar is on 26th August 2010 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. Chaitanya Kumar Sharma will speak and cover: Introduction [...]

Neeraj asked me an interesting question the other day – how would a decisioning product like Oracle RTD and a business rules engine co-exist? Rather than answering this specifically I thought I would try and generalize it. After all there are products like Unica and Chordiant that also offer decisioning engines that are not general [...]

Well here I am at DIALOG 08, ILOG’s user group. The show passes the “Kemsley” test because there is wireless Internet access throughout the event, enabling me to blog live. First session was from Pierre Berlandier of ILOG talking about business rules governance. The session was packed – despite the option of playing golf instead [...]