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Webinar on business rules governance


My friends at DAASL are hosting a webinar on How to achieve Rule Governance and the associated Best Practices for Enterprise wide adoption of Business Rules Management Systems. To register for the webinar go to http://daaslinc.net/webinar.php?id=Webinar1

The webinar is on 26th August 2010 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern. Chaitanya Kumar Sharma will speak and cover:

  • Introduction to BRMS
  • Why Rule Governance?
  • Key components of a rule governance layer
    • Authorization
    • Authentication
    • Audit Trails
    • Association of a rule with a Change Request
    • Maker/Checker support
  • Definition of roles
  • Work flow support for promoting rules from development to production
  • Live Demo – Enterprise wide Governance of Business Rules at a Large General Insurance Company
  • Best Practices & Food for thought

Chaitan has worked on a lot of BRMS implementations so this should be worth checking out.


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