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A few months back, Scott Adams posted a great Dilbert that I have been meaning to write about for a while (click on the image to see the original). In the strip, Dilbert says “You don’t go to war with the data you need. You go to war with the data you have.” Now Scott [...]

Balancing multiple profit drivers is essential in many high volume, transactional decisions targeted with Decision Management. Being able to execute decisions, monitor their effectiveness, learn what works, and systematically improve your decision-making results in significant business benefit. Mathematical optimization let’s you go even further. We recently published a new white paper – The Customer Journey [...]

An associate professor at NEOMA Business School, Rouen, France is conducting a survey on how the quality of analytics influences business value, satisfaction and continuance/firm performance: Business Analytics is expected to create huge operational and strategic benefits. In this study we look at how quality of analytics influences business value, satisfaction and continuance/firm performance. The results [...]

Welcome to Part Two  of my interview with Jan Purchase, Director and Co-Founder of LuxMagi (Part One of the interview is here). Lux Magi are experts in helping their clients automate complex, legal and regulatory compliance processes using business rules technology and decision management.  Jan and I gave a webinar on Agile and Cost Effective Financial Compliance: Going [...]

We have been expanding recently, adding partners to help us deliver decision management to customers around the world. You can see the current list of partners here on Decision Management Solution’s website. To introduce these partners to you I am going to be conducting a series of interviews in the coming weeks. I am going [...]

After lunch at the analyst summit and it’s time for a customer panel involving BMW, Business Analytics Services and Omnicom Group hosted by Les Rechan of IBM. BMW’s initial analytics work was around diagnostic data analysis in the quality area and has grown into a larger corporate analytics with over a hundred projects centered around [...]

Rexer Analytics have just released the results of their 2011 survey – the 5th annual one, answered by over 1,300 data miners from 60 countries in the first have of 2011. The survey continued to show that CRM/Marketing, Financial and Insurance are the major commercial focus areas for data mining. It also reiterated the top [...]

Warning, long post follows – SAS has a lot of products and even this summary was a lot. A big session on the product portfolio – 2010 and 2011 highlights in some specific focus areas. New releases in 2010 included: Customer Link Analytics – released in Q1 this product focused on using links between customers [...]

Strategy Meets Actions’ research reports that insurers have tens, hundreds, even thousands of initiatives. To achieve these goals, aligning the business and IT is critical, as is setting the right priorities, and ensuring technology investments support these priorities. Decision Management focuses on the key business decisions, and moves away from a focus on functional processes [...]

Human and automated judgment

Syndicated from International Institute for Analytics Tom Davenport pointed me to an interesting article recently – Judgment Call or Automated Decision—Or Both? – by Jan Abrams. It’s an interesting article and I go back and forth as I read it in terms of agreeing or disagreeing with Jan. First, let me say that the use [...]

Syndicated from B-Eye-Network Some time ago I was at a warranty conference and there was an interesting discussion about registration cards. You know, those postcard sized mailers you are asked to return to register your product. They often have all sorts of demographic and interest questions – asked by the company to flesh out its [...]

Another webinar in the ongoing series: Rik Gerrits and Kees Noordsij discuss Rules, vocabularies and fact modeling from a business perspective. What the business needs to manage business rules is quite different from what IT needs to support rule engines. Find out what rulebook management by the business means in practice, and why the differences [...]

I got a chance to catch up with Andrea Allmon of FICO to hear about their new Insurance Fraud Manager release (3.0 in July). This is a timely topic because of the debates around healthcare at the moment. In all the discussions about healthcare costs you never hear about the amount of fraud involved, yet [...]

Going Beyond Budgeting!

I spoke last week at a conference hosted by the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable. I spoke, as you might expect, on the topic of decision management and how it can deliver the kinds of systems a modern company needs. The conference overall was on the (frankly very appealing) idea that budgets can and should be replaced [...]

Kevin Hogan of Accenture talked about how implementing a warranty system can drive harmonization and competitive advantage.  His focus was on a recent case where they helped a company implement an SAP-based Warranty solution. The case is a global heavy equipment manufacturer with about a focus on Europe and North America. They were running 4 [...]

Steve Zannos of NEW Customer Service Companies presented on customer loyalty in an industry with lots of third parties involved. NEW provides service support to companies who sell products and works with 30,000 independent service agents – everything from single technicians to large depots to national networks. They try to drive customer loyalty through this [...]

Frank Kozlowski of Kohler presentedf on a web-based warranty system. When they set out to develop the system their goals were to move to a start-of-the-art, easy to use system that was web-based so dealers could enter claims directly anywhere in the world (they have 12,000 dealers). They wanted to reduce their cycle time from [...]

Jim Johnson of IBM gave IBM’s point of view on quality lifecycle management. Jim works in Global Services and works with auto and truck manufacturers. IBM’s research shows: That warranty reserves accrue at between 1% and 3% of sales and this is continuing to increase. Detection to correction cycles average over 100 days and can [...]

Jeff Moore from General Electric and Greg Spraker from SAS (see my review of the SAS Warranty product here) spoke on using analytics to find and eliminate fraud in claims. GE’s appliance division dealt with paper claims prior to 2003 and randomly selecting claims for audit. Between 2003 and 2005 they increased the number of [...]

Ed Staats of ServicePower presented on how to use an economic downturn to your advantage, streamline service operations and reduce costs. With the current economic downturn many companies feel they cannot make changes but Ed focused on SaaS and managed services as ways to innovate operations without large investments. SaaS is clearly a focus for [...]