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Continuing with presentations at Building Business Capability, Kaiser Permanente and IBM presented on their decision management and cognitive platform for application development innovation. For those of you that don’t know, Kaiser is the Nation’s largest not-for-profit health plan. They do everything from inpatient, to home health, hospitals, hospice, pharmacy, and insurance. 10M+ members, 17,000 doctors and [...]

The summit continued with a group of newly certified Alteryx Analytic Certified Experts – ACEs. As always with a panel I will just try and capture a few nuggets in no particular order or structure: The combination of Tableau and Alteryx, in geospatial analysis for instance, is more powerful than either independently. In particular Tableau benefits [...]

Please describe your current role and title DecisionViz is a management consultant that helps companies build leadership in the processes, people, and culture around data visualization. We work with senior management to elevate visualization from the activity of reporting and making charts to being integrated with their daily decision-making. I founded the company in 2012. [...]

Decision Management can only succeed if the business rules for decisions can be effectively managed. Effective management must involve both business and IT organizations. There must be alignment and collaboration if the business rules are to be managed correctly. Indeed empowering this collaboration is the primary value of a business rules management system. Yet most [...]

First Look – General Intelletics

I met General Intelletics at the recent Building Business Capability conference. The founder has been working in artificial intelligence and configurators for about 10 years. One of his clients wanted to put together an insurance program for a gold mine in Turkey – total premiums of about $4M/year. He found that there are no real [...]

Guest intelligence at Target

Guest intelligence is something Target use to drive marketing and merchandising decisions. Target, of course, is a large US retailer that does business in 49 states and has a major web presence. Target has guest data from panel surveys,  store surveys and operational data and regards these all as valid sources of guest data, without [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ As the summer doldrums roll on I thought I would try and stir things up a little with a “2.0” post – specifically some thoughts on a software stack for “Application Development 2.0”. Such a stack would: Model processes, events and decisions as first class objects Support declarative (rules-based) approaches to developing [...]

I got a second look at VNI’s product this week – I took a first look last year. VNI has been continuing to OEM its products to folks from around the world. Their customers are in many different areas like Investor Analytics (SaaS for financial risk management optimization), Moore Nanotechnology Systems machinery and RiskMetrics Group [...]

Frank DiGiovanni of Group RCI (a vacation exchange and vacation rental company, part of Wyndham Worldwide) presented on their journey  – a legacy modernization using ILOG Rules. Frank  identified SOA, legacy migration from mainframe to SOA and how business rules complements these as his key topics. Group RCI’s core problem was threefold: Members: had to [...]

Scope <> Business Rules

Jeff Jonas wrote an interesting post – Custom Software Scope Changes (Not) – that reminded me of my ongoing battle to argue that rules are not requirements. Jeff argues that we take far too little time designing custom software before we start to build it. A summary quote from his post illustrates his point: I [...]

RAD with rules

I saw this post on Better Projects and it reminded me of days spent writing a RAD methodology for Ernst and Young. RAD, or Rapid Application Development, uses prototyping and lots of short iterations to keep a development project on track. The post has a nice graphic showing the cycles within cycles used in the [...]

[amazonify]1591398622:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1591398622::text::::Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management[/amazonify] On the plane over I finished Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton. This excellent book lays out why and how companies fail to drive their business based on evidence, and instead “miracle cure” [...]