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Alteryx Inspire 14 Influencer Summit – A panel of experts


The summit continued with a group of newly certified Alteryx Analytic Certified Experts – ACEs. As always with a panel I will just try and capture a few nuggets in no particular order or structure:

  • The combination of Tableau and Alteryx, in geospatial analysis for instance, is more powerful than either independently. In particular Tableau benefits from the data blending capabilities of Alteryx.
  • “Win” on day zero with an ability to get benefits from Alteryx almost immediately – creating something valuable without a big upfront cost. It’s got a lot of capabilities but it is focused and easy to learn.
  • Iteration is central – can get started quickly with a simple solution and then iterate and improve it quickly. A more agile, iterative environment.
  • The users are business people, business analysts, not IT people.
  • Alteryx replaced a whole bunch of code-centric products with a single, code-free environment.
  • They find Alteryx very intuitive to use, easy to learn by doing.
  • Very high ROI – 100x from one for instance.
  • The transparent (and lower) pricing helps reduce red-tape, speeds approval and makes it easier to get started.
  • As a consultant, one finds that an initial meeting is enough to get solutions to real problems developed and prove the value.
  • It should relax – while Alteryx does allow business users to work around IT they are, in fact, already doing so and Alteryx makes it quicker, easier and better documented.
  • Some IT organizations are starting to become drivers for adoption as they seek out new tools to empower their business users.
  • Most of these projects are not using “Big Data” but pulling together several data sources for rapid value.
  • No sense that Alteryx’s technology has limitations – projects working with large number of rows (millions or even billions of rows) work fine with hardware limits being hit first.
  • Even if the desired solution is not a good fit (real-time decisions say) it is often effective to prototype in Alteryx to see how to it should work.

Great panel – clearly believers in Alteryx with lots of positive results between them.


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