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Warning –this is a post about a standards process so there are a fair number of abbreviations – I tried to describe the key ones. There is a large community of users of business rules management systems, with thousands of large companies using them to automate and improve decisions. In addition, there is a strong [...]

Continuing on the theme of standards, several working drafts specifications have been recently published by Rule Interchange Format (RIF) working group of the W3C for public comment: The specification of RIF basic logic dialect (RIF-BLD) is in its “Last Call” public comment period. This is the time for people to read it and tell us, [...]

Last up for me today were some folks from IBM on IBM Metadata Strategy – An Information Management Perspective. IBM’s focus is Information on Demand – getting information about of the data management layer and into an integration layer from which it can be delivered as business intelligence and performance management. I, of course, would [...]

Irene and Dean of TopQuadrant (a semantic web company) were up next talking about Deploying Semantic Web Solutions: I’ve Built an Ontology, Now What? The challenges around Master Data Management have expanded as the number of information sources has exploded. Managing identify, managing semantics across a multi-faceted, distributed world is very complex. The semantic web [...]