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More on standards – Rule Interchange Format


Continuing on the theme of standards, several working drafts specifications have been recently published by Rule Interchange Format (RIF) working group of the W3C for public comment:

  • The specification of RIF basic logic dialect (RIF-BLD) is in its “Last Call” public comment period. This is the time for people to read it and tell us, the working group, about anything that doesn’t seem right. After this, if you don’t like something in the spec, it will be increasingly hard to get it changed;
  • The RIF-RDF-OWL specification [3], also in its Last Call public comment period, explains how RIF-BLD interacts with RDF and OWL;

The other working drafts that were published for public comment are:

Comments are requested by September 19 in order to consider them for the next set of revisions.