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organizational change

My second session at IBM Insight is Hamilton Faris Chief Data and Analytics Officer of MetLIfe – a past customer of ours – talking about Predictive Analytics.  MetLife of course is a big insurer with 100M customers in 47 countries. The group Hamilton runs focuses on bringing analytics to the forefront of the decision-making process [...]

Please describe your current role and title DecisionViz is a management consultant that helps companies build leadership in the processes, people, and culture around data visualization. We work with senior management to elevate visualization from the activity of reporting and making charts to being integrated with their daily decision-making. I founded the company in 2012. [...]

A quick bit of Decision Management Solutions news here on the blog today. We are delighted to announce that Gagan Saxena, previously the CIO of Apple Vacations, has joined Decision Management Solutions as VP of Consulting and one of our Principal Consultants. Gagan brings more than 20 years experience in enterprise architecture, reengineering, organizational change [...]

Stephen Gold came up next to talk about Watson. Watson is transitioning from a proof of concept – a grand challenge project – to a business solution. This is being driven primarily by the rapid expansion in unstructured, uncertain data. Not just a need to process new data sources, also about being able to reason [...]

I listened in to IBM’s call about their recent analytics study conducted with MIT Sloan – The Widening Divide (available from www.ibm.com/thewideningdivide). This is the second year for the analytics study and surveyed 4,500 people from 30 industries and 120 countries – a very broad view. Three key results: The competitive advantage created by analytics [...]

Panel discussion with SAS, Accenture, Marriott talking about how to execute a business analytics strategy. Panels are hard to blog but here are some of the interesting points made: Critical question is how to drive insight to action and make a difference to their business. Analytics is a pervasive change in management theory Enterprise-wide customer [...]

First SAS Global Forum Executive Conference session with Jim Davis, CMO of SAS, talking about fact-based decisioning. A good crisis is a terrible thing to waste Jim asked the audience if they took the opportunity of the recent crisis to re-tool their business, to re-assess how to run the business. One of the key ways [...]

SAS and Accenture

I got a chance to catch up with Russ Cobb, Vice President, Alliances and Product Marketing at SAS about the SAS/Accenture announcement recently. One of the first questions, of course, is whether this was just a “Barney” relationship (I love you, you love me) or if it had any meat. Russ understood completely and said [...]

Accenture and SAS announced today that they will jointly create an analytics group focused on financial services, healthcare and public service. They describe this as a “significant evolution of the existing relationship between the two companies”. The release is at  http://www.sas.com/news/preleases/AccentureSASAnalyticsGroup.html This is obviously an interesting announcement. Ever since IBM announced its new Business Analytics [...]

SAS customers and optimization

Next up in my SAS day was a panel on optimization. Bobby Hull of BGF Industries and Bill Nowicki of the Carolina Hurricanes were joined by Larry Mosiman of SAS on a panel hosted by Tammi Kay George. BGF is a leader in high-end composites and textiles. The Carolina Hurricanes, of course, are an NHL [...]

Some time ago I saw this interesting little post –Recommendation Engine Secrets We Don’t Want You to Know: It’s not as Complicated as We’d Have You Think – that made the point that: Most recommendation engines use one of a handful of methods that are well understood And they are correct, of course. Recommendation engines [...]

Connie Moore of Forrester presented on empowering business users to embrace change and began with a great quote from a customer – “Change NEVER settles down”! You need to embrace change and accept it as a norm – to accept that business processes and dynamic business processes. In this environment, business people play an essential [...]

I am at the Warranty Chain Management conference this week and blogging more or less live. Despite the economy there are over 180 attendees as well as a solid core of sponsors. Marc McKenzie, Global Director of Corporate Warranty & Governance from Hewlett Packard gave the opening presentation on the strategic importance of warranty. HP [...]

Syndicated from b-eye network Last week I was at Predictive Analytics World, a brand new show on the business value of predictive analytics. The show was a great success, I think, as it attracted a decent audience in very tough times and succeeded in bringing together not just those building predictive analytic models, but also [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective This session was a panel discussion on the cross-industry challenges and solutions in predictive analytics. Panel sessions are tough to blog so here are some highlights. More and more analysts are having to do their own extract, transform, load work to access databases so having modeling tools that handle this, [...]

A reader had an interesting question this week. As a comment to Using decision management to deliver intelligent business performance he asked “What makes a company ready?”. I suspect my closing line “The products are, mostly, ready. Whether companies are is another question…” prompted this. So, what makes a company ready for enterprise decision management [...]

The empire has less staff

Frank posted some great comments on Here’s how to get started with decision management the other day and made me think about this, often very severe, problem. As Frank put it: How do you overcome the moral fear some organizations have when they realize 40-80 percent performance improvements come at 40-60 percent less personnel; so [...]