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intelligent process automation

An old friend, Guilhem Molines, has been working with some colleagues on a new book – Intelligent Automation with IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation – and I got a chance to read it recently. The book covers all the components of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Business Automation. Decision Management Solutions is an IBM Business [...]

Oracle RTD Roadmap #oow10

The Oracle Real Time Decisions (RTD) roadmap began with a quick review of Oracle RTD (see my earlier post on the role of RTD in e-commerce) – an analytical decision service that sits between the operational and analytic applications of an organization so that operational business processes can be analytically enhanced. Crucially it combines prescriptive [...]

Jim Sinur’s new blog

Jim Sinur, formerly the rules guru over at Gartner and now CSO At Global 360 has a blog to which he has started posting. He already has three posts I found interesting: The Grey Wave is Coming: BPM has to HelpAutomating decisions is also critical when you start thinking about the impending wave of retirement. [...]

Steve Hendrick of IDC kicked off day 2 with his keynote on Intelligent Process Automation: The Key to Business Process Automation. Steve started with a story about AMR and SABRE. Back in 80s startup low-cost airlines were putting real pressure on them and they could not meet the price. Thomas Cook came and introduced yield [...]