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Jim Sinur’s new blog


Jim Sinur, formerly the rules guru over at Gartner and now CSO At Global 360 has a blog to which he has started posting. He already has three posts I found interesting:

  • The Grey Wave is Coming: BPM has to Help
    Automating decisions is also critical when you start thinking about the impending wave of retirement. Not only do the retirees have know-how and an understanding of the rules involved, they are also going to be replaced by younger workers who think differently. Younger workers who will expect their systems to handle the mundane and repetitive and leave them to work on the exceptions. Creating these kinds of systems will require more automation and improvement of decisions than ever before.
  • Anarchy: AKA a World without Rules
    This is a gimme from my perspective – the CSO of a BPM vendor reminding you to think about rules, to manage rules and (implicitly) manage decisions. See my post on the dangers of over unification in this area here – it has a great set of comments from various people.
  • It’s Time to Consider Green BPM
    The whole idea that better managed processes, and decisions, are “green” may seem counter-intuitive. In fact using technology to eliminate paper (one of the key values of BPM) and better target prospects and customers (one of the key values of EDM) really is green. Jim gives some reasons on the BPM side and this post about best next action approaches over on the EDM blog has some discussion of how better targeting reduces waste.

If you are interested in business process management and decision management then Jim’s blog is probably worth adding to your feed.

Note to Jim: Tell the folks who administer your blog to allow trackbacks….