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intelligent operations

Bill Gassman spoke on the role of Business Intelligence – BI – in process improvement. Bill means “big BI” – everything to do with intelligence about your business, the discipline of BI and analytics, not just a “BI” product. The road to intelligent operations he says has “haves” and “have nots” – some have BI [...]

The BPM Scenario

Janelle Hill talked about the BPM Scenario and the role of BPM in creating intelligent operations. She had three things to cover – why is BPM more important than ever, business optimization and where to go next. First, she reminded us of some key elements of BPM from Gartner’s perspective: BPM involves a focus on [...]

I am participating in the ebizQ BPM in Action event later this month – I am giving a webinar on BPM and Intelligent Operations – and I recorded a podcast on this topic with Peter Schooff. If you are interested in how analytics impacts BPM you can listen to the Smarter BPM podcast and register [...]