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First Look: Tibco Spotfire 6

I got an update from Tibco recently having last heard from them when I got an update on Spotfire 4. Since then they have partnered with Attivio for supporting unstructured data (4.5), added a new in-memory engine and support for in-database analytics as well as native support for R – the Tibco Enterprise Runtime for [...]

First Look: IBM ODM 8.5

I last got an update on IBM’s Operational Decision Management (release 8) back in April 2012. IBM is positioning its Operational Decision Management capability as part of its Smarter Process stack, alongside Business Process Management and Case management. The ongoing focus is on managing business policies at scale and providing enterprise-class governance. With ODM 8.0 [...]

I am speaking at Teradata Partners 2013 on October 21 at 1:30pm – “5 Benefits of Customer Decision Management” Knowing how to create better, more profitable customer relationships starts with an understanding of the strategic and day-to-day operational decisions your company or organization is making about those customers. If you can better manage these decisions, [...]

First Look: Via Science

I got a chance to catch up with Via Science recently [Post updated June 2014 to reflect some changes in terminology]. Via Science is focused on “Big Math” for “big data.” They see big data companies spanning from data collection to search/storage to analysis/visualization. Big Math – the category in which they like to put [...]

Another customer panel followed focused on big data and analytics use cases with a particular focus on streaming data, data in motion. Customers were University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Aginity. Dr Carolyn McGregor from UOIT is someone I have blogged about before. Her focus was on using analytics to process the data from [...]

A recent Gartner group announcement said something that caught my eye Seventy percent of high-performing companies will manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytics or extreme collaboration by 2016, according to Gartner, Inc. “It has been technically possible to implement real-time analytics in transactional and record-keeping operational applications for decades. However, few business processes [...]

I am speaking on Decision Management Cases: Agility & Adaptability in Insurance, Travel & Healthcare at IBM’s IMPACT 2013, April 30 4:00-5:00pm Business rules are a powerful technology with a proven track record building Decision Management Systems. Successful projects deliver business agility, empowering business users to manage the decision-making in their systems so they can [...]

I recently got an update on release 8 of IBM’s Operational Decision Management product (last reviewed here).With this release, the user experience and the user interface have been completely overhauled and the integration between rules and events has been improved. The look and feel is also increasingly shared with the BPM product and, to be [...]

We recently posted an update to a white paper called “Becoming a Decision-centric Organization” to our site. Having worked with a fair number of organizations whose success or failure is determined by the decisions they make I see many that are handicapped by systems and approaches that are centered on processes or functions. Becoming more [...]

First my apologies for the lack of blog posts recently – just been a crazy time. I am going to be blogging from some events next week on standards for decision management and updates from IBM on their analytics and decision management products. Plus I plan to re-run some oldies but goodies on using business [...]

I am speaking at a series of IBM/Information Week events this quarter on “Process Excellence: A Route to Better Business.”  This time it is in Toronto on May 15 and the main session starts at 8:30am ET. I will be kicking off the session with “BPM and Decision Management for Smarter, Simpler and More Agile [...]

There’s still time to register for the 2-day workshop in Europe next month. This covers the essentials of Decision Management, the effective use of business rules and Business Rules Management Systems and the role of analytics: Berlin – June 4/5 – Register here. The class covers: An introduction to Decisions and Decision Management Categorizing and identifying [...]

I am giving a 2-day workshop on the essentials of Decision Management, the effective use of business rules and Business Rules Management Systems and the role of analytics in Europe this June: Berlin – June 4/5 – Register here. Organizations must understand how to identify and classify decisions and how to assess the potential for [...]

A recent new twitter follower had an interesting post on his blog back in 2010 – The 4Ds “Detect, Derive, Decide and Do. I liked the description of this pattern and as it is a common one for Decision Management Systems I thought I would make a couple of quick comments: The Derive piece of this [...]

The folks at IBM Press have asked me to sign copies of “Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Business Rules and Predictive Analytics” at IBM’s IMPACT event this year. I will be at the bookstore from noon to 1pm on May 1. Bring a copy by to have it signed or buy one at [...]

Steve Mills kicked off the IBM Smarter Analytics Leadership Summit. Business Analytics matter, he says, as shown by the focus of CEOs (8 out of 10 expect complexity to increase, enterprises applying analytics are more successful etc). The need for analytics is pervasive, with every industry seeing a massive expansion in the volume of data [...]

I have been speaking at a series of IBM events last fall and this spring focused on “Improving customer service with BPM and decision management“. The third is in New York, NY on March 21st and the main session starts at 9am ET. I will be kicking off the session with “BPM and Decision Management [...]

Working with our European partners (BCS), Decision Management Solutions has scheduled a series of three webinars at 7am Pacific/10am Eastern/16:00CET. Designed to be  live events that work for those in Europe, this is a foundation series on three core topics – Decision Management, Business Rules and Predictive Analytics. There is no restriction on attendance – [...]

I am giving a live 2-day workshop in Berlin, Germany this summer on Decisions and Decision Management. Organizations must understand how to identify and classify decisions and how to assess the potential for business rules and analytics to support and improve those decisions. They need to understand the available technologies and approaches and the long [...]

An interesting thread over on LinkedIn got into a discussion of terminology and I thought I would share my opinion on this here: Decision Management is an approach for supporting, automating, managing and improving decisions. Decision Management Systems are systems that automate and manage repeatable decisions. Decision Support Systems support people manage decisions, both repeatable [...]