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Decision Management Training in Europe this June


I am giving a 2-day workshop on the essentials of Decision Management, the effective use of business rules and Business Rules Management Systems and the role of analytics in Europe this June:

  • Berlin – June 4/5 – Register here.

Organizations must understand how to identify and classify decisions and how to assess the potential for business rules and analytics to support and improve those decisions. They need to understand the available technologies and approaches and the long and short term costs and benefits of these. This workshop introduces the principles of Decision Management and discusses its application to critical business processes as well as the appropriate use of available technology. We walk through how to identify and prioritize the decisions that drive your organization’s success, show how to analyze and design these decisions so they can be effectively managed, introduce business rules as a foundation to automate these decisions, link these decisions to data mining and predictive analytics and discuss how the role of these decisions in delivering smarter information systems.

Delivered as a 2 day workshop this class has several working sessions during which students will work in groups on problems that reinforce the key lessons of the class. These sessions will use both exercises and student’s own problems. The class covers:

  • An introduction to Decisions and Decision Management
  • Categorizing and identifying decisions
  • Characteristics and design of decisions
  • Managing decision logic
  • The role of decisions in systems
  • Getting started and first steps

This training is focused squarely on solving business problems and on how the various technologies should be used together. It is vendor-neutral and is for managers and analysts responsible for working with or interested in using business rules or analytics to improve their business and technology experts who wish to build systems and processes that make better decisions.

Hope to see you in Berlin.