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Zementis has recently announced its ADAPA predictive analytics edition for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This essentially allows you to deploy PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language, an XML format for defining predictive analytic models) on the Amazon compute cloud. Based on their Enterprise Edition (which has PMML deployment, reporting and business rules (using Drools), this [...]

Shao Fang presented the D3 (Demand Driven Development) program and their work on integrating business rules into the Intalio BPMS. A few notes on the D3 program: Not custom development Community suggested projects Customers put up money for features they really want and get credit for them Some are decoupled and done offshore, some more [...]

First Look – Jaspersoft v3

In keeping with the open source theme this week (given I am at Intalio’s user conference), a quick note about Jaspersoft who just released version 3. This version puts a nice web 2.0 interface on a browser-based product. There’s a nice dashboard with some mashup capabilities and input controls that can be dragged and dropped [...]

The nice folks on the Drools blog pointed me to an article today called Implement business logic with the Drools rules engine. This article was written by Ricardo Olivieri of IBM. Richard does a nice job of walking through both the basic case for using a business rules engine (BRE). I feel compelled to make [...]