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Here is a recap of product news for Q1 2011 Analytics First Look- Eagle Eye Analytics Advanced predictive modeling for the Property and Casualty insurance market First Look – SAS High Performance Computing Distributed grid environment providing parallel job execution across multiple servers with shared physical storage First Look – Opera Solutions Analytics service provider [...]

The JBoss Drools team sent me a link to a screencam of their latest work on web-based decision tables and rule templates. This latest one – Video demonstrating use of the new Guided Decision Table editor and Templating editor – shows how far they have come. I did a fair bit of work with the [...]

First Look – Toovio

Toovio was founded by a group of ex-database marketers who have extensive consulting and implementation experience with various marketing, decision management, and analytics products. Their backgrounds in real-time/database marketing in terms of analytics, building tools and using existing products has led them to develop their own solution. What they call their “Service-as-a-Service” (I would call [...]

I was presenting this week to a company that asked what trends I saw in business rules. I had my ow thoughts but I also reached out to some other experience business rules implementers. Here’s what we came up with: A broader context for business rules Business rules are increasingly adopted as part of a [...]

We are wrapping up our webinar series on decision management and I wanted to make sure you knew about the three remaining webinars. These webinars are a great tool for you to learn more about predictive analytics, business rules and decision management in practice. There are more details on the events page but the three [...]

Predixion, Zementis and Lyzasoft

Interesting announcements last week from three companies I have reviewed recently – Predixion, Zementis and Lyzasoft. Predixion has developed some interesting cloud-based predictive analytic technology – tools to load data from Excel and build predictive models from it – while Lyzasoft has a nice collaborative business intelligence environment and Zementis has a cloud-based deployment engine [...]

Claye Greene and Kristy Sanders of Technology Blue are giving a webinar on Best practices for using JBoss Drools on November 16th, 2010 at 10am Pacific. Open source has proven to be a valuable solution for companies looking to lower implementation costs of software solutions. A few years ago open source Decision Management solutions were [...]

Business rules and analytics on the cloud! Finally! Seriously, the folks at Zementis have long had their PMML deployment engine running on the amazon.com compute cloud and have had an on-premise solution that combines business rules (based on Drools) and PMML.  ADAPA – Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics – is the Zementis product that manages [...]

I presented at the Drools bootcamp today – Smarter systems for uncertain times. Check out the slides below and the whitepaper on my company site. Smarter systems for uncertain times View more presentations from Decision Management Solutions.

Keynote at the Drools bootcamp

I am giving a keynote at the Drools bootcamp in San Diego. The bootcamp has some days focused on the healthcare industry as well as some more general sessions

Lisa posted an interesting comment on an old post of mine (Why don’t you replace COBOL with something useful (not Java)) in which she make some interesting comments: I understand your last point that using a declarative “model” such business rules would be preferable to replace legacy COBOL applications instead of using a procedural language. [...]

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from Red Hat recently. I have reviewed the new functionality that Mark Proctor and his team have been adding to turn the old Drools rule engine into a competitive Business Rules Management System or BRMS when the latest release came out. This time we chatted [...]

Savvion BRMS – an update

Savvion has just updated their BPMS product and the business rules module they released last year (I reviewed the Savvion BRMS previously). Savvion sees various kind of rules as being necessary for process management – data-driven rules, event-driven rules, conditions in processes, data validation rules and form validation rules. Their vision is to make it [...]

Business Rules performance

Ralph and Steve over at Illation have begun publishing about the new business rule engine benchmarks they have put together. First up is Drools – a nice detailed post comparing Drools 4 and Drools 5.

New books on JBoss Drools

Syndicated from ebizQ I have recently been a reviewer for Michal Bali’s new book on Drools (Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer’s Guide), which will soon be generally available. In the meantime you could check out an example of the style by reading this two part article on Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Flow – Part 1 [...]

Intalio hosted a launch today to position themselves as The Enterprise Cloud Company. Intalio turns 10 years old this year. They remain a privately held company with 500 paying customers and have passed 50,000 deployed sites in 52 countries. 35 employees and 20 contractors across 14 offices worldwide. Customers cover all industries and business is [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Today is the official release day for the new release of JBoss Enterprise BRMS – Drools 5.0 as was. Key features in this release are the repository/repository management tools and the new features that let business users and business analysts participate directly in editing the rules. Craig Muzilla, the VP Middleware Business [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ With Drools 5, JBoss and the open source community have delivered a true business rules management system for the first time. Using Drools, organizations can take control of the logic that drives their operational decisions using an open source platform. Some time ago I wrote a little forward for Paul Browne and [...]

First Look Tavant

Some weeks back I got a review on Tavant, a 700 person IT services and solutions company with a focus in financial services (mortgage, trading and security), ebusiness and Service Operations such as warranty management. I was interested in their warranty product as part of my research into the warranty claims space. The product – [...]

First Look – Drools 5.0

When I was in the UK recently I got a chance to have a coffee with Mark Proctor and get a detailed demo of the new Drools release – 5.0. Mark spent most of the time showing Guvnor, the new web-based business rule management system for Drools. Built with GWT this looks and works great [...]