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I am giving a webinar at 10:00am Pacific on January 30 with Inkiru on Engagement, Loyalty, Costs and Growth – Driving retail success with predictive analytics and decision management Retailers see tremendous value in business intelligence and real-time analytics as a way to make sense of the vast amount of data they collect. The challenge is [...]

Frank Gens of IDC posted this short item on what Line of Business managers want from their CIOs and it had a nice little graph showing the key things that the business wants from IT. Of the 10 items, several seem to me to show the need for Enterprise Decision Management or EDM: Speed up [...]

This week’s editorial calendar is about using Enterprise Decision Management – EDM – to survive and thrive in a recession. Prompted by a comment from Nathan Jones, the topic seems appropriate as everyone flails around trying to decide if they should use the “r” word or not. Clearly, whether we meet the definition of a [...]