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Continuing with presentations at Building Business Capability, Kaiser Permanente and IBM presented on their decision management and cognitive platform for application development innovation. For those of you that don’t know, Kaiser is the Nation’s largest not-for-profit health plan. They do everything from inpatient, to home health, hospitals, hospice, pharmacy, and insurance. 10M+ members, 17,000 doctors and [...]

I am pleased to be the instructor for the upcoming BPMInstitute.org Decision Modeling with DMN course. This course is schedule is take place at the Hilton Arlington on Tuesday, September 27 and is part of a 4-day training event hosted by BPMInsittute.org. In this course I will discuss the primary goal of DMN, which is [...]

I got a chance to hear Roger Burlton and Sasha Aganova of the Process Renewal Group talk about a recent case study of theirs concerning risk and management and processes. This is a hot topic of course with new regulations and new requirements for financial services firms. Compliance with these risk management regulations, though, can’t be seen [...]

I recently published a new article over on the BPM Institute – Discovering Decisions in Your Business. Most organizations will initially identify decisions within their business processes – either finding tasks that are clearly decision-making tasks such as those handling validation, approval, calculations, assessments etc – or collapsing process complexity into a decision that was [...]

I have just been announced as the new Editorial Director for Business Decision Management on BPMInstitute.org. The plan is that I will guide the direction of the Business Decision Management or BDM content as well as teach a number of new and improved training courses. BPMInstitute.org is a great outfit and I am excited to [...]

Bill Franks was up next to talk about the joint SAS, Teradata, Elder Research Business Analytics Innovation Center. The purpose of this center is to help customers develop game changing analytic solutions not just adopt analytics. The center brings together best SAS and Teradata folks to help customers with analytics while also bringing third parties [...]

Another session at Brainstorm, this time a case study from Genentech. Genentech has many policy documents that are interrelated, complex and lengthy and yet essential to operations – employees must understand them and follow them. As Genentech has made progress on its process management initiative it has found that getting the participants in the process [...]

I presented on Using Business Rules to Make Processes Smarter, Simpler and More Agile at the Brainstorm conference. Here are my slides. I am going to record this one I think and post a recording soon also. Smarter Simpler More Agile Processes View more documents from James Taylor.

Accelerating BPM Adoption

I am speaking at the Brainstorm conference in San Francisco and blogging a couple of sesssions. First up today is Michael Melenovsky (formerly of Gartner) on Accelerating BPM Adoption – creating a vision and establishing a roadmap. Michael made the great point that companies sometimes get started with BPM to try it out and then [...]