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On becoming the Editorial Director for Decision Management at BPM Institute


I have just been announced as the new Editorial Director for Business Decision Management on BPMInstitute.org. The plan is that I will guide the direction of the Business Decision Management or BDM content as well as teach a number of new and improved training courses. BPMInstitute.org is a great outfit and I am excited to be associated with them. While not every Decision Management or Business Rules project is associated with BPM projects, more and more are so this is a really interesting area. I am looking forward to helping more organizations develop smarter, simpler and more agile business processes by identifying, modeling and automating the decisions within those processes.

To kick off the year I wrote a first article – The Role of Decision Modeling in Business Decision Management – and recorded a short webinar on the State of Business Decision Management & Decision Modeling. Look for more great contributions from folks in the BDM community in the coming months. Why not join the community and sign up for the BDM Bulletin (through the subscriptions section of your profile) so you can stay up to date.

We are also now the official training provider and will be running classes on Decision Management and Business Rules 101 online and in person as well as on Decision Modeling with DMN online starting in April. All this training is part of the great learning paths and packages that BPMInstitute.org offers to its member companies.

Finally I am hoping to revitalize the discussion forums and have started a new one on the impact of decision modeling here. Why not go and add your thoughts?


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  • Melanie January 30, 2014, 2:18 pm

    Congratulations James!