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Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Merv Adrian recently posted on Information Builders Prepares to Ramp It Up and this made me think of webFocus. Like Merv I recently spoke with Michael Corcoran and learned a little more about Information Builder’s attitude to decision making and information. The webFocus page says “Because Everyone Makes Decisions” and pushing information [...]

Data is still defensible

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork In Is Data a new defensibility? Abhishek Tiwari argues that even data is not defensible any more. He argues that data integration and the use of new sources of data are key skills but that companies cannot use unique data to differentiate because there is too much data and too much of [...]

Syndicated from b-eye network Last week I was at Predictive Analytics World, a brand new show on the business value of predictive analytics. The show was a great success, I think, as it attracted a decent audience in very tough times and succeeded in bringing together not just those building predictive analytic models, but also [...]

Syndicated from b-eye network Well that headline probably got your attention. It came from an article on CIO Magazine:To Hell with Business Intelligence: 40 Percent of Execs Trust Gut. According to recent research from Accenture, nearly half (40 percent) of major corporate decisions are based on the good ‘ole gut. Interesting. But why? 61 percent [...]

Eric Siegel is blogging in the build up to Predictive Analytics World (at which I am speaking and teaching a workshop). He posted Predictive analytics FAQ #1: Prerequisites for success.I liked his list but personally I would have added another:
Know the decision(s) you want to influence
Unless you have a decision or decisions in mind when you start it is all to easy to generate insight without any understanding of how you will make it stick – how it will make a difference. Starting with the decision in mind helps focus the analytic effort on improving that decision. If it is a strategic decision, it focuses the project on helping an executive. If it is an operational one, it means thinking about how the results could be deployed into production.

I would also add something to his point about “General understanding and buy-in of a predictive analytics initiative by stakeholders across business functions”. For many predictive analytics projects this needs to include the IT department and the folks working on BI/DW projects and all too often predictive analytics projects include neither.

Note that I am now blogging new posts here on b-eye-network.com and focusing only only BI and analytic topics. You can find my full feed on my personal blog JT on EDM. You can subscribe to the feed too – feeds2.feedburner.com/jtonedm.

The folks over at b-eye network have a video blog with answers to questions submitted by readers – the Ask an Expert Video Blog. This looks like a fun way to get an answer to any BI, data or analytic decision making question you might have. If you have something you want to discuss, go [...]

Well there’s now another place to find our materials – I have opened for business as an expert on the B-Eye Network. Check out my channel Competing on Decisions (thanks to Neil for suggesting the name). This blog will be syndicated there but I will also be writing articles, posting white papers and generally making [...]