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Syndicated from BeyeNetwork My friends at Zementis have just launched support for executing predictive analytic models in Excel – check out Predictive Analytics at your fingertips: Scoring data in Microsoft Office Excel. While not, exactly, a high-volume transaction environment, Excel is an interesting place for executing predictive models and I like the way the folks [...]

I hosted a panel last week on predictive analytics at the Business Analytics Summit. I was joined by Richard Boire of the Boire-Filler Group, Jean-Paul Isson of Monster.com and Michael Berry of Data Miners (and author of Data Mining Techniques, one of my favorite Data mining books). I asked a series of questions and we [...]

I am hosting a panel on Predictive Analytics at the Business Analytics Summit and I got a chance to attend a session beforehand where Dave Stodder presented on performance management and Key Performance Indicators. Dave began by emphasizing that performance management is both a business and IT issue and that it needs to link people, [...]

New BeyeNetwork Radio Show

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I participated in BeyeNetwork’s Radio Show this morning and we had some interesting discussions around analytics and in-memory analytics. Check out the recording of our discussion on business analytics, in-memory databases and the BI maturity curve: http://www.b-eye-network.com/listen/12070

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I am at the Premier Business Leadership Series, SAS/BetterManagement.com’s event, and I got to attend a great panel on Analytics in the Executive Suite. Barbara Pindar of Aeropostale, Eric Webster of State Farm Insurance, Cameron Davies of Disney and Keith Collins of SAS made up the panel. Each panelist gave a quick introduction: [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I am spending some time with SAS this week and I was struck by a couple of announcements related to the ongoing SAS/Teradata partnership. First, the two companies have partnered with Elder Research to create a Business Analytics Innovation Center. This will both pilot new analytics (something at which John and his [...]

An analytic minute (or two)

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork A little while back I got to spend a few minutes talking about analytics and optimization with Jack Mason of IBM. He posted the resulting video over on the Smarter Planet blog. Enjoy. I am at Predictive Analytics World today so this is nice and timely. Look for some posts today on [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I have been thinking about lift curves this week (no, really, this is the kind of thing I think about) and I thought it was worth spending a post describing them and their value. Before I actually talk about a lift curve I need to give you a little background. The purpose [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Curt Monash has been Thinking About Analytic Speed over on The Intelligent Enterprise Blog and makes some good points about the different kinds of analytic speed. One area I find lots of confusion in discussions of analytic speed that Curt does not touch on is the difference in time to build an [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I have been following the recent IBM announcements on analytics closely and have been struck by the increasingly decision-centric point of view being expressed. First there was the business analytics and optimization announcement with its focus on “action support” not “decision support”. The new analytic appliances with their focus on making it [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was attending IBM’s launch of its analytic appliances when it announced its intent to acquire SPSS. I did not get a chance to write much more at the time but I did not want to let the opportunity pass completely.I think the announcement represents a sea change in the decision management [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork David Vergara wrote a nice piece over on Target Marketing recently – Use effective segmentation with predictive analytics to personalize customer relationships. David does a nice job of outlining the steps involved in a segmentation modeling, a key area for data mining and predictive analytics. To adopt analytics to personalize customer relationships, [...]

Analytics – the dark side?

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Oz Analytics – The Darker Side Of Analytics was an interested little post discussing the risk of using analytics to, in this case, to profile potential criminals based on past behavior. The use of analytics to predict crime and criminals is certainly growing and, as Steve said in his post, you have [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork John Elder of Elder Research is well known in data mining circles and speaks/teaches regularly. Not only has John recently released a new book (Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications), he has now released his great seminar on the top 10 mistakes in data mining on YouTube! Highly recommended for [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork The Evidence Based Management blog had a post on Why experts are so often wrong that discusses a book by Philip Tetlock (Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?) In a world filled with expert predictions that are mostly incorrect, and filled with people who eagerly seek such [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork In 2005, Mr Ahmadinejad got 17 million votes and in 2009 he got 24 million. The question is, where did all those extra votes come from? The answer, according to this study, is not at all clear. I don’t write political or personal posts and, despite first appearances, this is not one [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Timo Elliot had an interesting post Gartner on Collaborative Decision Making in which he discussed a report from Gartner called The Rise of Collaborative Decision Making (and thanks to Nic Smith of Microsoft for the link). This kind of ad-hoc, collaborative decision making is critical in companies and technology to support it [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Last week I posted Use decision management to make systems smarter and I got two interesting comments. Ronald made an excellent point first: I don’t think the lack of deep analytic tools is the prime reason for BI not being intelligent. In my opinion it’s the lack of education and skills concerning [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Michael Vizard had an interesting post (via @merv) – Making Business Intelligence Applications Smarter in which he began with the great phrase: One perplexing oxymoron of IT industry is the simple fact that most business intelligence applications are not all that smart In Smart (Enough) Systems Neil and I argued that the [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Gary Cokins had a great post – Fill in the blanks: Which X is Most Likely to X? in which he identifies some great uses for predictive analytics.Increasing employee retention, increasing customer profitability and increased shelf opportunity are classic uses. What Gary does so well in this post, though, is point out [...]