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I am a faculty member for the International Institute for Analytics and we are launching a new research effort – the IT Analytics Research Council. Here’s what the official promotional text says: The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) uses an experience-based research approach to uncover “what’s working” and more importantly “what’s next” in the area [...]

I got a demo of the Talent Analytics platform recently. Talent Analytics is a company that develops solutions that provide relevant information to help companies anticipate the impact talent has on their business goals. Advisor, their platform, is a web-based SaaS platform. At the top level the product allows one or more organizations to be [...]

Gleanster and its BI research

I was recently sent a copy of a Gleanster report. Gleanster for those who have not heard of it is a new company (founded by an old colleague of mine, Jeff Zabin, and others) that delivers free research. It is not clear what its business model, exactly, but for readers of the blog it represents [...]

Jim Falgout of Pervasive DataRush presented on best practices for custom big data applications. I have spoken to Jim before, when I reviewed DataRush.  Jim sees the big data challenges as being driven by both complexity (high performance computing problems like fluid dynamics, climate modeling) and data size (internet scale data for web indexing and [...]

I have blogged about Pervasive DataRush before and I got a quick update this week. Pervasive often talks about helping companies with “big data” issues and they see this as one dimension of difficulty – with the complexity of processing being done being the other dimension. So some folks, for instance, handle big data but [...]

Business Rules performance

Ralph and Steve over at Illation have begun publishing about the new business rule engine benchmarks they have put together. First up is Drools – a nice detailed post comparing Drools 4 and Drools 5.