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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud


We announced are newest research today – Predictive Analytics in the Cloud. This is a multi-stage, multi-client project that will run over the next few months. We’ve had strong interest and have a great set of sponsors that should be familiar to readers from our First Looks – Clario Analytics, FICO, Opera Solutions, Predixion Software, SAS, Teradata, and Toovio. All the deliverables are going to be hosted over on SmartData Collective – look for more posts as we make progress.

First step will be the publication of a position paper on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud and your chance to participate in a survey. You’ll see posts here and tweets from @jamet123(me) and from @decisionmgt – be sure to take the survey so we know what you think about this exciting topic.

Details of the launch here with lots more to come.


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