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Bob Picciano and Les Rechan came up next to discuss Big Data and Analytics: Fueling Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Smart. Five years ago IBM launched the Smarter Planet initiative. On a smarter planet, they say, everything is connected and instrumented and this is reflected in the explosion of Big Data. To drive value [...]

First session today was some folks from Allstate Financial talking about the Impact of Service Oriented Architecture on Data Modeling: A Case Study. AllState Financial has the large number of data sources typical of a large corporation. Each line of business has its own administrative systems and mergers and acquisitions also create new data sources. [...]

Next up was Scott Klososky on Do You Have Velocity Leadership? Scott talks to organizations about how technology impacts different businesses and has a book coming out soon (though I could not find a link for it). He uses a quote to show his attitude to technology: A rock pile ceases to be a rock [...]