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First Look – Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave Software is a company I know through their acquisition of Visual Numerics (VNI) (first reviewed here). Owned by Battery Ventures, Rogue Wave operates independently and is profitable. Their objective is to create scale in the development tool and embeddable component space focusing on high-performance computing – both in the traditional HPC environments and [...]

Visual Numerics, a company with some interesting embeddable analytic products (reviewed here and here) has just been acquired by RogueWave, an embeddedble software component company. Details, such as they are, are in the press release. RogueWave’s focus on C++ make them an obvious home for the components VNI has been developing and RogueWave even has [...]

I got a second look at VNI’s product this week – I took a first look last year. VNI has been continuing to OEM its products to folks from around the world. Their customers are in many different areas like Investor Analytics (SaaS for financial risk management optimization), Moore Nanotechnology Systems machinery and RiskMetrics Group [...]